8 in 10 Americans Think There Should Be More Limits On Campaign Contributions: it’s time to get rid of Citizens United

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times about public opinion on campaign finance. I am convinced that this is one of the more important issues facing our society. Citizen’s United presents the most sweeping challenge to the electoral process since Jim Crow laws. The article says:

Americans don’t like all the cash that’s going to super political action committees and other outside groups that are pouring millions of dollars into races for president and Congress.

More than 8 in 10 Americans in a poll by The Associated Press and the National Constitution Center support limits on the amount of money given to groups that are trying to influence U.S. elections.

But they might have to change the Constitution first. The Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in the Citizens United case removed limits on independent campaign spending by businesses and labor unions, calling it a constitutionally protected form of political speech.

“Corporate donations, I think that is one of the biggest problems today,” said Walter L. Cox Sr., 86, of Cleveland. “They are buying the White House. They are buying public office.”

Cox, a Democrat, was one of many people in the poll who do not, in spite of the high court ruling, think corporate and union campaign spending should be unlimited.

What do you think?





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  • Man, absolutely. Bribery shouldn’t be protected as free speech.

  • scott stone

    You know I’m with you on this one 100% but how do you feel about the huge amount of money that is bundled by unions and predominately given to the democrat party? CU is all the rage, justifiably, but there has been little outcry regarding the union monetary influence.

    • Tim Suttle

      Yeah, union money is as much of a problem as corporate money. Is should be locked out of the process. In fact the original CU case was about a non-profit, not a corporation. Justice Roberts expanded it and forced them to argue it again at the court. This is a plague on both the houses of political parties, and on all three branches of government. It is nothing less that gov’t sanctioned corruption.

  • scott stone

    Publicly funded elections. The only cure!