Distractions Make Us Stupid


I was sitting in a restaurant with a few friends recently, and every so often a cell phone would emit this short whistle tone. You may have heard this alert, it’s the classic tweet alert on the iPhone–an unmistakable tone that says, “Over here.” That little whistle could be the global symbol for distraction. We live distracted lives. For better [Read More...]

SHIFT: from loneliness to solitude

2014.08.24 Shift 01.001

This is the sermon I preached last week at Redemption Church. If you are a pastor, feel free to copy and steal anything that helps you with your sermon. Thanks goes out to Isaac Anderson who allowed me to steal some of his exegesis and commentary on 1 Kings 19.  __________________________________________________________ 2014.08.24 – SHIFT 1 [Read More...]

Your Life is Like Fox News: Reality Distortion Fields & Why Self-Deception is Inevitable

“I’m a great believer in self-deception. If you asked me what makes the world go round, I would say self-deception. Self deception allows us to create a consistent narrative for ourselves that we actually believe. I’m not saying that the truth doesn’t matter. It does. But self-deception is how we survive” Errol Morris, documentary filmmaker, [Read More...]

Monday Morning Confessional: The Internet Sidebar List

shrink origami 03.jpg.001

I confess that I’m a sucker for the internet sidebar lists. I don’t want to be. I just am. You advertise anything on the side of an internet site and I will most likely ignore it. I think I might have intentionally clicked on one, maybe two sidebar advertisements in the course of the past year. [Read More...]

Slow Church Book Review: The Future is Slow


    _____________________________________ “If I could require every pastor in America to read Slow Church, I would. If churches would read this book and heed its advice, then ironically, I think the church would fast become a much more meaningful part of God’s mission of redemption.” _____________________________________   If the church has a future in the [Read More...]

Are You a Racist? Five Easy Steps from WikiHow can Help You Figure It Out

On the website wikiHow.com, there’s a short exercise you can take to tell if you are a racist. It’s only five steps so I figured why not? Step 01: Consider your judgments of what people wear, their hairstyles, headscarves, etc. Are these thoughts negative or justified? Given the fact that I’m middle aged and balding [Read More...]

Monday Morning Confessional


I confess that the release date for Shrink is less than two weeks away, and I’m getting nervous. A couple of weeks ago my wife opened a package from Zondervan containing a single copy of the book hot off the presses, the first we had seen. She walked it outside and held it up for me to [Read More...]

Robin Williams on the Invention of Golf & My Favorite Dead Poets Society Clip

In a week of bad news, this makes for a good Friday Funny. I just showed this to my boys. Their favorite line was, “with a tiny flag to give you hope.” Williams was such a funny and brilliant man. One more story & clip to share: I was a sensitive college sophomore when Dead Poets [Read More...]

It’s a Bizarre Time to be Living on the Border of Kansas and Missouri


I live in Kansas City, where the line between Kansas and Missouri is somewhat obscured. Kansas Citians cheer for the same sports teams, we shop and eat on both sides of the border. Personally, I’ve lived on the Kansas and Missouri sides of the city, and have planted churches in the suburbs of each state. The Kansas [Read More...]

The Fisher King: Robin Williams and the Wounds that Made and Unmade His Life


In Arthurian legend, The Fisher King is the latest in the line of kings chosen to live in the Grail Castle, guarding and protecting the Holy Grail. But the Fisher king is not a valiant quester like Arthur and his knights. The Fisher King is not actually whole. He has been wounded, uncomfortably, in the [Read More...]