Road Trip Hacks: Family Vacation 03

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If you are like me, and childhood memories of being bored stiff while your parents observed the Jimmy Carter 55 mph speed limit on the way to who knows where have scarred your for life, then passing the time on a long road trip is more than a minor concern. Maybe that’s why I unapologetically allow our kids to [Read More...]

Watching The Goonies With My Kids: Family Vacation 02

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We watched The Goonies as a family last night. 30 years after it first came out and the film still holds up. My favorite thing about this movie is that it celebrates faithful participation in a community that is vulnerable to those with money and power. The goal the kids are chasing isn’t the means to [Read More...]

Top 10 Favorite Candy Bars of All Time: Family Vacation 01


So we are on family vacation right now, and I typically suspend all pretense of eating well during these things. A week or so of culinary hedonism is good for the soul right? I choose to think it is. So when my wife read me an article from the food section at The Huffington Post on the Best [Read More...]

Why the Church Is In Decline…

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I love the church. I believe in the church. I believe in the church maybe more than I believe in any other thing in this world. The church is the surest sign I know of that God loves everything he’s created; that God is not done with the world. The church is the singular reality [Read More...]

When I Talk About Race I Feel Like a Phony: The Problem of Being White & Talking About Racism


Many black leaders have been bitterly disappointed that President Obama has not shown more leadership in the arena of race. They might have a point. It’s not as though he hasn’t had the opportunity. From Travon Martin, to Ferguson, to Charleston, the opportunity for a President to actually do something with regard to the issue of [Read More...]

2015 Missio Alliance North American Gathering


Missio Alliance just posted the audio files from their North American gathering held in Alexandria, VA last May. You can find them in the Resources section of their website: I cannot recommend this resource highly enough, & I thought I’d take this opportunity to post a few thoughts about what I experienced at this [Read More...]

Wise Words from an Ex-Cop: The Police Guardian v. The Police Warrior


“Officers… must realize that the public—even a group of non-compliant teenagers—are not an enemy to be vanquished, but civilians to be protected.” – Seth Stoughton   I just read a phenomenal article from TPM & Seth Stoughton, a former cop who now teaches at the University of South Carolina Law School, commenting on the latest video evidence [Read More...]

10 Great Words You Should Know & Use


One doesn’t have a good vocabulary; one maintains a good vocabulary. Evelyn Waugh was right to say, “One forgets words as one forgets names. One’s vocabulary needs constant fertilizing or it will die.” When at their best, writers work diligently at the use of language because we know that language lives at the heart of [Read More...]

Anne Lamott on Perfectionism


“Perfectionism is another way we avoid vulnerability, and it also happens to be my favorite sin… I tell myself that if I do it perfectly every time, then no one can critique me, and I don’t have to feel vulnerable.” Shrink, p. 148.   I’m a recovering perfectionist. So every now and then I force [Read More...]

How does the word Christian modify the word Leader?

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Nearly every pastor or ministry leader I’ve ever met operates under the same underlying assumption that their main job is to make their church or ministry grow. This assumption is typically not a conscious thought, although it is in many cases. The assumption is highly operative, and uncritically accepted, even though if you asked them about [Read More...]