Blogging- The first post

I suppose I’ve been blogging for years. I’ve kept a journal fairly consistantly since I was 11 years old (yeah, the old-fashioned paper kind). I have always loved to write, and although I am not very tech-savvy this blog will be an attempt to keep my thoughts somewhat organized.

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  • cat56ri

    Wow, This has been such a thought provoking post, and so many good comments! I just have to put my 2 cents worth in and say what this all has brought to my mind! I was brought up in a Baptist church, and we were always taught to dress modestly, but never "made" to dress any particular way. Women ALWAYS wore dresses or skirts to church on Sunday's and Wed. nights. It was considered "Sunday Best". I would never have thought to wear pants to church, but was comfortable wearing them the rest of the time. But, if it was right to wear skirts on SUNDAY, why would it be ok to wear pants the rest of the time?

    Dresses and skirts have been the normal attire of women in most societies for as far back as we can tell. And when there were not skirts and dresses, there were distinctions that made it obvious what was womens clothes and what were mens. This all started to change in the 1950's. Growing up all the girls wore a dress or skirt to school from Kindergarten to the 7th grade, when it started to change. That was NORMAL!

    About 10 years ago, I started attending a Baptist church where the women ALL wear skirts ALL of the time, so if I wanted to go to this church, I would do the same. It was not a problem at all for me to make the change. I have to say that I didn't agree with them that as a Christian Woman you HAVE to do that, just that I WOULD. After all, it is not a Heaven or Hell issue here. The Pastor does not have a list of do's and don'ts about what makes up MODEST apparel, just that we wear a skirt and that our clothes should not be skin tight or too short. All of this leaving room for the Holy Spirit to direct us. That IS His job!

    This post got me to thinking, though. The Bible says in Deuteronomy 22:5 that women should not wear anything that pertains to a man, and a man should not put on womens clothes. I have always considered that to be an Old Testament verse, and that did not pertain to me as a New Testament Christian because we are under Grace now and we live in a different culture.

    BUT: If God does not change, and the Bible has no wrong things in it, does that mean that God STILL considers it an abomination if women wear mens clothes, ie: PANTS?

    Let's face it, girls, and be honest. Men DO react to what they see, it is NATURAL and they can't help it. If it is too tight, too much skin, too short, they WILL react, that is the way God made them. It is mens responsibility to RESPOND correctly to that reaction. It is OUR responsibility to try to dress so as not to CAUSE that reaction, whatever we discern in our hearts that that may be.

    God gave us the Holy Spirit to convict us when we are wrong, and so we have a conscience to guide us. There IS room here for us to allow the HS to show us the right direction to go on our apparel, so are we willing to follow that?

    So, here are the conclusions I have come to from this whole post and thought process.
    1) We are bought with a price and we are not our own
    2) Live with others in mind concerning how we dress, live and act.
    3) This is a heart issue, so how will we respond to it.
    4) We KNOW when we are dressing to be alluring and/or to draw attention to ourselves.
    5 ) Life is not about pleasing ourselves, but pleasing the Lord!