The BIble ≠ The Gospel (and why that’s important).

On our GospelFutures website, my friend an co-laborer theologian Neil Williams is adding to his series on relational transformation with a couple more posts.

This next post is titled Why story? and addresses reasons why we need to make a distinction between the biblical text and the gospel story. He argues that the text is a testimony to a greater reality, and recognizing this fact is necessary for transformation and engagement with today’s world—from opposing the marginalization of women to accepting modern science.

Without this distinction Christianity loses its transformative message and its ability to remain good news for us today.

Neil Williams (D.Th., University of South Africa) is a writer and speaker, and lives outside Philadelphia with his wife and two sons. He is ordained in the Reformed Church in America, and is particularly interested in inter-personal transformation and the dialogue between theology, the sciences, and music. His most recent work is The maleness of Jesus: is it good news for women?


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