The Innocence of Muslims and the Guilt of Terry Jones

As most of my readers will already know, anti-American protests have erupted in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere, sparked by a low-budget film called “The Innocence of Muslims,” which was produced by Israeli-American real estate developer Sam Bacile to show the “hypocrisies” of Islam.  The protests in Libya led to the death of the American ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, as well as three others, including two Marines.  The ambassador’s body was paraded around by the rioters, in what has become an all-too-familiar sight from Somalia to Baghdad to Tripoli, before it was recovered and put en route back to the United States.

The Innocence of Muslims Provokes Violence from Muslims

This appears to be the timeline.  Amateur filmmaker Sam Bacile raised $5 million from roughly 100 Jewish donors, produced the film over the course of three months with 60 actors and 45 crew, and the film arrived to the sound of crickets.  Bacile hoped that the film would promote the cause of Israel by revealing Islam’s hypocrisies and fraud to the world.  Although he was told that he would become the next Theo van Gogh, and understood that the wildly provocative film would likely spark a backlash, he went ahead with it anyway.  It premiered earlier this year, however, to a largely empty theater in Hollywood.  The full-length trailer was posted on YouTube in July, and no one seems to have noticed.

Last week, an Egyptian American Copt, Morris Sadek, who has frequently denounced Islam in the past, blogged about the movie, a Cairo newspaper and Egyptian television station took notice of the film and attributed it to Egyptian American Christians in Washington.  A segment of the film was shown, and the host, Sheikh Khaled Abdalla, denounced the Copts.  As the New York Times reports:

Last year, the Egyptian-British journalist and blogger Sarah Carr wrote, “Sheikh Khaled Abdalla is part of a school of particularly shrill religious demagogues who turn every possible event into an attack on Islam.” She added that Sheikh Khaled regularly attacked Egypt’s Coptic Christian community.

So a hard-core Egyptian Islamist demagogue takes a movie produced by Israeli-American Jews and makes it an occasion to attack Coptic Christians — and the conflagration grew from there.  Protests erupted first in Cairo and then in Tripoli.  Mixed amongst the anti-American slogans were pro-al-Qaeda chants, and the name of Osama bin Laden was scrawled on the wall of the embassy in Cairo.  This took place, awkwardly but presumably not coincidentally, on the anniversary of 9/11.  It was in the midst of the protests in Tripoli that ambassador Stevens was killed.  The filmmaker, Sam Bacile, is now in hiding, criticizing the embassy security but insisting defiantly that Islam is a “cancer” and the world should know the truth.

The Role of Terry Jones

Somehow the name of Terry Jones, the once-obscure fundamentalist Floridian “pastor” who made headlines around the world with his determination to burn copies of the Koran, gets mixed into this.  The curious thing?  It’s not exactly clear that Terry Jones had anything to do with it.   The Coptic blogger, Sadek, had recently met Terry Jones and joined him in an anti-Islamic protest in Washington in June.  Beyond that, it’s unclear whether Jones knew of the film or intended to promote it, until now.

The New York Times seems intent to weave Terry Jones’ name throughout the story, but it reports:

Reached by telephone in Florida, a representative of Mr. Jones seemed unaware of the film, but hours later the pastor sent The Lede a statement by e-mail in which he complained of the attack on the embassy in Cairo and announced plans to screen the trailer for the film on Tuesday night. He said that it “reveals in a satirical fashion the life of Muhammad.”

Clearly Jones had nothing to do with the production of the film.  The Times describes him as an “ally” of Sadek, although it may be the case they only just met in July.  There’s also no evidence that Jones had any intention of screening the film until it exploded.

So what exactly is the role of Jones here — apart from serving as a convenient way to tie in “evangelicals” (although Jones and his tiny congregation are probably better described as fundamentalists)?  As far as we know, Christians had nothing to do with the film until a Coptic blogger referenced it, and presented a demagogue like Abdalla with an equally convenient chance to demonize Christians in Egypt.

Put bluntly, and I say this as a big fan of Judaism: somehow, Christians seem to be taking a lion’s share of the violent hatred for a movie produced by Jews.  A typical title says: “Terry Jones: Florida pastor linked to Libya protests.”  By implication, that crazed evangelical Terry Jones (who, by the way, I’ve strongly criticized in the past) is tossed into the mix of the people who have blood on their hands for the death of ambassador Stevens, even though Jones doesn’t seem to have done anything to promote the film prior to Stevens’ death.  How is this happening?

A part of the answer — and this is where Jones’ responsibility becomes crystal clear — is the alacrity with which Jones has seized the spotlight suddenly thrust in his direction.  Jones is responsible for what he does henceforth.

From what I’ve seen of the film, it’s an amateurish production that presents a caricature of Mohammad and his followers.   I have no objection to criticisms of Islam and its founding.  The most conservative elements of the Muslim world must learn that living in the modern world means that your beliefs, even your religious beliefs, are open to criticism from scholars and from anyone who wants to make a movie.  The proper response to such criticism is rebuttal, not violence.  At the same time, Christians need to treat others’ most sacred beliefs with extraordinary care.  They are right to speak the truth as they perceive it, but they must do so with abundant grace, and they must make sure that their construal of others’ beliefs is rigorously honest and accurate, not exaggerated or distorted and not unnecessarily inflammatory.

If Jones shows love for Muslims and a respectful, careful criticism of their beliefs, then he could have a beneficent influence.  If he promotes a cartoonish caricature of the origins of Islam that does nothing to enlighten but only insults, then he will be guilty of stoking the flames.

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  • E L Frederick

    Heaven forbid someone insult the homicidal followers of the pedophile prophet Mohammad. We should only insult Catholics, Mormon, and other Pro-Life Christians.

    • No one should insult anyone. Period.

      • Larry

        While that may be true it doesn’t deserve retribution by death. The fact is that even an academic critical view of Islam and/or it’s founder is treated as if it were an insult. So you’re point about insult is a moot and irrelevant one. We are dealing with adults (Muslims) who have the mindset of a child with a temper tantrum and who possess the tools for killing. They embody the culture of death. They truly are a cancer to civilization.

        • muslim

          did u know about the name of your father does ur DNA matches with any jewish in israel i hope u will ask ur mother about ur fathers and i would be some dogs u r son of b**** [EDITED]

      • Sara

        I totally couldnt agree more./

    • Ntanda Musa

      Those protesting the movie are in the liberal eye wrong to do so. But it will be equally inappropriate for such a person not to be apprehended for his actions from the movie making industry and the gov’t in which he orchestrated the death of an Ambassador. If justice is to take proper stand, then all those took part in the act shd be brought to book. Otherwise the moslems will see it as another attempt to attack their religion. It’s going to be difficult for the next President but Obama would seem more Moslem locking up the Hate-spreader than Romney wouldn’t he!??

    • Watch a documentary: frontline: dancing boys of afghanistan. What those men do to boys are suppose to be tradition. These people are all about religion, so this pedophelia may have came from mohammad. What i have seen of this trash, it had to of come from somewhere. Where there is smoke there is fire. Hope I’m wrong

      • Timothy Dalrymple

        I’ve heard about the man-boy love traditions in Afghanistan, although I’ve not researched it thoroughly and would hesitate to make any statements with confidence. I would note, though, that unless this is a common practice across the Muslim world, which I don’t believe it is, it’s probably better blamed on local culture and tradition.

  • Venyhamin

    So long as a movie stays within the boundaries of acceptable criticism and does not set out to deliberately denigrate a religion. By the way EL Frederick European monarchs were marrying 13 year old girls way after Mohammad.

  • a muslim boy

    i love mohammed

    • i love mohammad.(p.b.u.h) anf i hate all jewish. nad also americans. wait , wait ,wait… now soon u all enemy of islam and humainity… what muslim do with you and ur next generation……….. all non muslim are animal,,,,,,,,, u basturdsss.

      • American Muslim

        I am an American Muslim, and you do not sound like a true Muslim at all. In fact it is people like you who build a bad image about Muslims. I am hurt to my very core about the movie that paints Prophet Muhammad in such disgusting, evil and historically inaccurate light and also by the ignorant things that people are saying, including you. However, there is and never will be any excuse for violence and bloodshed, and shame on those who continuously blight the name of Islam by committing these physical AND VERBAL acts of violence which are in NO way in accordance with Islam’s teachings. Human life and all life is Always sacred and always will be, THIS is what Islam teaches and you are obviously ignorant. so just stop talking.

  • Why should anyone be respectfully of any religion to which promotes murder, homophobia, rape, child abuse, god-delusion (made made bull crap), slavery, sexism, racism, etc.

    ALL religions can go to the make believe underworld.

  • Doug

    It’s hard to say who’s jumping the gun, and who isn’t, in this case. It’s not clear right now that “Sam Bacile” is actually a real person at all, or what the background of the real Sam Bacile may be:

  • Jonathan Hunter-Pice

    What about the follow up to the “Life of Brian” called the “Life of Mo”

    Mo Hammed a lonely goat herd gets mixed up with a fake religious leader and wanders around aimlessly persued by screaming over sexed asian beauties wearing velis and nothing else while singing “Out in the Desert lived a lonely goat herd!” (A La Sound of Music) until he comes to a sticky end singing “Always look on the black side of death!”

    It could all be done with the minimum of violence and very few deaths from improvised explosive devices.

    How about it,

    It wouldn’t insult Islam, you only have to read the Queer Anne to realise that you can’t nsult islam, its like calling a turd dirty.

  • Spalding

    “…Christians need to treat others’ most sacred beliefs with extraordinary care. They are right to speak the truth as they perceive it, but they must do so with abundant grace, and they must make sure that their construal of others’ beliefs is rigorously honest and accurate, not exaggerated or distorted and not unnecessarily inflammatory.”
    No such requirement exists. Although you may disagree with another’s speech, writing or artistic creation, you cannot ban it because it is intellectually uncomfortable for others. This poorly made film is not the equivalent of crying “Fire!” in a crowded theater. The idiotic creators, promoters and supporters of this film have NO blood on their hands. Although perhaps they murdered ‘good taste’! The culpability for the violent reaction rests solely upon those persons that decided to embark upon a violent path of action. To in anyway attempt to justify the mob reaction in Libya is simply an act of appeasement.

    • Timothy Dalrymple

      Spalding, of course anyone is legally free to make an offensive movie. I was talking about a Christian’s obligation AS a Christian — i.e., a moral obligation, not a legal requirement.

      I was pretty clear, I thought, on where the guilt lies for the mob action. That doesn’t mean that there can be no moral assessment of the film and the way in which it was made.

  • Rev Larry Robinson

    I’m sorry , but there are two important facts omitted from this article
    1. It has come out that this was a planned attack and not a result of the movie in question.
    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration suspects that the fiery attack in Libya that killed the American ambassador and three other diplomats may have been planned rather than a spontaneous mob getting out of control, American officials said Wednesday.

    2. Islam has declared war on all of civilization since it’s inception. Since the 1630’s it has been engaged in conquest of Europe, the Middle East, the East (India), and Africa. It began attacking the US in the late 18th century leading to the Barbary Wars. It is not Christians, Jews, or any other group who are inciting attacks, it is Islam

    The state which is regarded as the instrument for universalizing a certain religion must perforce be an ever expanding state. The Islamic state, whose principal function was to put God’s law into practice, sought to establish Islam as the dominant reigning ideology over the entire world. It refused to recognize the coexistence of non-Muslim communities, except perhaps as subordinate entities, because by its very nature a universal state tolerates the existence of no other state than itself. …Muhammad’s early successors, after Islam became supreme in Arabia, were determined to embark on a ceaseless war of conquest in the name of Islam. The jihad was therefore employed as an instrument for both the universalization of religion and the establishment of an imperial world state.
    Islamic scholar Majid Khadduri in his book War and Peace in the Law of Islam published 1955

    As late as November 2003, the Islamic Affairs Department (IAD) of the Saudi embassy in Washington featured this statement on its website: “The Muslims are required to raise the banner of Jihad in order to make the Word of Allah supreme in this world, to remove all forms of injustice and oppression, and to defend the Muslims.  Such a violent and expansionist program is not solely the province of Saudi Wahhabis .
    The Pakistani Islamic leader Syed Abul Ala Maududi (1903-1979), who was not a Wahhabi, declared that non-Muslims have “absolutely no right to seize the reins of power in any part of God’s earth nor to direct the collective affairs of human beings according to their own misconceived doctrines.” If they do, he said, “the believers would be under an obligation to do their utmost to dislodge them from political power and to make them live in subservience to the Islamic way of life.” Likewise the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood theorist Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966), also a non-Wahhabi, declared: “Islam cannot accept any mixing with Jahiliyyah [the society of unbelievers]. Either Islam will remain, or Jahiliyyah; no half-half situation is possible…. The foremost duty of Islam is to depose Jahiliyyah from the leadership of man, with the intention of raising human beings to that high position which Allah has chosen for him.”

    • Timothy Dalrymple

      The news had not yet broken – or at least it had not yet reached me – that it was possibly a coordinated attack. I suspected that it was coordinated, however, since there was reference to rocket-propelled grenades, and those aren’t typical protest gear. As I said, someone was taking advantage of the opportunity the film presented. As everyone knows, there has been a great deal of anger stoked against America for a very long time.

      I’m not blaming the filmmakers for what happened. My point is that we need to be wise, and we have our own moral obligations to bear in mind, when we are engaging with people of other faiths or trying to express criticism of other faiths.

  • Deacon Jim Stagg

    Blaming the movie seems to be an “easy way out” of describing basic anti-American sentiment in Egypt and Libya. Please note the ‘follow-up” comments by the Muslim Brotherhood in other news reports. There seems to be an underlying hate there that explodes with little spark. I am sure there are those who wish the Cecil B. DeMille treatment for the prophet, but that’s not going to happen… this very irreligious world. And since the Jews, Catholics and Mormons, not to mention the Amish are easy targets, sometimes even federally funded, like the “Piss Christ” imbroglio, the last test is how far you can push Muslims. Right now, Hollywood, the mainstream press and (evidently the American government is scared to death to offend Islam like they have done to other religions.

    Brace up, folks. More will be coming, and it will take just a little spark to set off some other tragedy; the tinder has already been placed; the wood is laid for the fire, the gun-powder is nearby to be sprinkled handily. All it will take is a drawing of the prophets nose, and we’ll all be wringing our hands and making accusations, once again. maybe someone need to listen to Krauthammer’s suggestion, and pull the plug on the money flow.

  • rizal

    Islam is only one truth religion in the world……….

  • Yasir misbah

    Prophet mohamed peace be upng him is above the standard that his haters would wish to put him.he is still the best example for the world and nothing they do can change that.we love our prophet.

  • Sara

    This movie that has come out is full of shit. Thats the only way to describe it because clearly it is insulting islam and the prophet (p.b.u.h). I’m not taking any sides but there are things that need to be said like, innocent muslims who are trying to lead a peaceful life and mind their own business are being targeted and killed. Also just because Osama Bin Laden was a muslim it doesnt have to mean that all muslims were like him. People from all over the world who follow different religions are being very judgemental and they now think that all muslims are terrorists. The truth is none of us are we are being picked on and judged. Yes i admit that some muslims arent that nice but that doesnt say that were all like that. I know people have their own opinions and i respect that but rascial comments and insulting Islam that i will not tolerate. Many people in Libya are protesting because of this video and it suggests that this was all planned. The maker of the movie wanted this to happen. I dont know if that is true or not but that is my view. Another thing that i wanted to mention was that islam is being called a terrorist religion let me make this clear America are bombing parts of asia isnt that terrorism? Israel are torturing the people of Palestine isnt that terrorism? A group of people are killing innocent people in Burma isnt that terrorism? You see people think that the word TERRORISM is somehow got something to do with islam but the truth is that there is other countries that are committing terrorism. So dont judge islam by one person and stop insulting our religion because if it was the other way round you wouldnt like it either.

  • TruthBeTold

    I am very disgusted, offended, and ashamed to have witnessed such hatred, and provoking propaganda from a so called American. I cannot, and will not even associate these people with Christianity as no true lover or follower of Jesus son of Mary (peace and blessing upon him) would ever make an attempt to dishonor Hazrat Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him). Two men once came before Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) and one complimented him on how beautiful he was. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) responded by telling that individual “you have spoken the truth”, and then another man came to him and told Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) that he was the most hideous despicable creature he had ever seen, and Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) replied to him “you have spoken the truth”. The companion who was with Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) at the time asked him why he agreed with both men when their statements were complete opposites of each other. Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) responded when the first man looked upon me and saw beauty, he only saw a mirror of himself, and when the second man came and stated I was hideous he too saw a mirror of himself. With this account I inform you that everything portrayed in your sick video is who YOU ARE! You have no right to even utter the blessed names of Jesus son of Mary (peace be upon him), or Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). Both live honorable lives, and never lie or stole from anyone. They never caused harm to anyone, and this is a historic fact! You can continue to try and deceive people, and cause a war between muslims and christians but this will NEVER HAPPEN! You have no credibility! You can read many books about the works, and accomplishments of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) in his lifetime which have saved generations up until today! What accomplishments do you have? When you die what will you be known for? You are worse than dung! Even dung goes into the earth and helps bring new life! When you die the earth will REJECT YOU! You will one day be raised before the creator of us all, and be questioned about the unforgivable mischief you have caused! So go back to your zionist supporters who pushed you to make this video to cause a clash between muslims and christians! Go back to them and tell them MISSION FAILED! YOU COWARD!

  • Alamzeb Khan

    America is the biggest terrorist state of the world

    America’s past and present testifies the fact that there is no country in the world matching its destructive oriented policies. The US is the sole country which annihilated millions of inhabitants of Nagasaki and Hiroshima by using hydrogen bombs. Even today no living being in the two affected cities are safe from the thermonuclear aftereffects. Large number of countries had to go through rigors of civil war on account of US intrigues. In its bid to bring down populist elected governments of targeted countries, CIA and FBI secretly provided arms and funds to rebel groups and converted democracy into dictatorship. After making full use of the selected dictator, when he outlived his utility and became a liability, he was branded a traitor and popular movement organized against him. After creating political and economic instability, spreading lawlessness and inducing a civil war like situation, the US forces were pushed in under the pretext of saving the people from the cruel clutches of dictator. Tunes of freedom and democracy were played up full blast. Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya are cases in point where the people have been deprived of peace and independence.
    In order to break-up USSR, CIA first fomented protests against Moscow in Eastern Europe in 1970s by overplaying prosperity and openness of Western Europe and then turned Afghanistan into a battleground. Osama bin Laden (OBL) and thousands of Muslim Jihadis were enticed from all over the Muslim world to promote culture of Jihad against godless communist super power. After accomplishing its objectives, the US abandoned the region in haste and got involved in renovation of Eastern Europe and expanding NATO towards the east. Afghan Mujahideen who had paid the heaviest price in pushing out Soviet troops and Pakistan that had led the proxy war had to go through a long period of trial and tribulation. Left at their own, both Afghanistan and Pakistan were unable to repair the badly bruised socio-economic fabric.
    After 9/11, the blue-eyed boy OBL and his holy warriors who were profusely acclaimed by USA and entire western world were declared as most dangerous terrorists. After declaring OBL responsible for attacks on WTC in New York without furnishing any proof, the US destroyed Afghanistan in October-November 2001. Ever since, Afghanistan remains an occupied country and trigger-happy occupation forces have killed tens of thousands of Afghans. Vices that had been purged from the society by the Taliban during their 5-year rule (1996-2001) have resurfaced in a big way.
    Iraq under Saddam Hussein was supplied with dangerous chemical weapons by USA for use against Iran in Iran-Iraq war (1980-88). Tens of thousands of Iraqis and Iranians perished in the war which ended without any side emerging as a victor. Later on, Saddam who was given full support for a decade was labeled as a ruthless dictator and falsely charged with storing weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and having links with al-Qaeda. Under the pretext of locating WMDs, every nook and corner of Iraq was combed by UN inspectors for well over two years. Even though the inspectors gave clear report, Iraq was invaded and destroyed without obtaining UN approval and disregarding world protests.
    A massive hunt was launched to locate fugitives Saddam and his sons. His two sons were brutally murdered and their photos splashed on internet. Saddam was eventually traced and after interrogating him and carrying out DNA, denture and medical tests to confirm he was the right person, he was put on trial in a kangaroo court and hanged to death on charges of using excessive force against the Kurds and Shias. Movie of his hanging was also shown on u-tube. 1.6 million Iraqis have died since March 2003 and bloodletting is still continuing.
    After 9/11, Pakistan was coerced to become a coalition partner and to combat global terrorism. Pak Army was made to fight own tribesmen in FATA supposedly sheltering al-Qaeda operatives. The flames of war lit in Afghanistan were diverted towards Pakistan. USA pampered and encouraged India to indulge in covert war to destabilize Pakistan which on papers was US close ally and a frontline state. Tehrik-e-Taliban-Pakistan was CIA’s creation which is funded, equipped and guided by several foreign agencies.
    Likewise, Baloch separatists are also supported by the same gang. Over 30000 Pakistani civilians and 5000 security personnel have died as a result of foreign sponsored terrorism. Pakistan has suffered an economic loss of $68 billion and its industrial and agriculture sectors and stock exchange have suffered grievously, while foreign investments have ceased. All this has resulted in high inflation, price spiral, and electricity, gas and food items shortages. Barbarity of America didn’t end here. Unending spate of drone strikes in tribal areas has added to the woes of Pakistanis.
    CIA as a master planner and coordinator has been supervising the gory game from Kabul in concert with RAW, Mossad, MI-6 and RAAM and making Pakistan blood soaked. Bloody game has kept CIA’s drug business and defense industry of US war merchants running. India is now indulging in water terrorism to dry up Pakistan but US media and officials are mum over this flagrant violation of 1961 Indus Basin Treaty since it is part of the game to make Pakistan helpless. India mobilized its forces against Pakistan in 2002 and in 2009 with tacit blessing of USA.
    The US has kept silent over unspeakable atrocities against hapless Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir since end 1988 killing over 100,000 in fake encounters, extra judicial killings, raids and indiscriminate firings on peaceful demonstrators. Gang rapes and molestation of women at the hands of security forces who have been give license to kill under draconian laws are routine. Ironically, the freedom fighters seeking a plebiscite as envisaged in UN resolutions have been branded as terrorists by USA at the behest of India. India has never been questioned over its defiance of UN resolutions.
    The US which promptly labels Muslims as terrorists simply because they are anti-US, has for several decades been keeping its ears and eyes shut and lips sealed over barbarism of Israelis against Palestinians. Israel had attacked Lebanon in 2006 after getting a nod from Washington. It didn’t object to inhuman economic blockade of Gaza by Israel and didn’t condemn brutal invasion of Gaza in December 2008. Likewise, when the US remained tight lipped over cowardly attack of Israeli forces on Peace Flotilla carrying relief goods for stranded Gazans, it proved beyond doubt that Israel had full backing of USA.
    Thousands of Iraqis, Afghans and al-Qaeda detainees were put in horrific Gitmo, Abu Gharib, Baghram jails as suspects involved in terrorism where they were subjected to most gruesome torture for years without trials and without anyone hearing their cries. Among several torture techniques, water boarding is the most dreadful. After years of detention and torture most were found innocent and released but they got mentally incapacitated for life.
    The US desires security for Israel in Middle East and for India in South Asia. The US has succeeded in making Israel the unchallenged power in Middle East where all Muslim states are ruled by pro-American puppet-like regimes. Militarily strong Egypt is still tied to peace treaty with Israel, while defiant Iraq has been tamed. Libya is under attack to get rid of rebellious Qaddafi. Soon, another regime change will take place in Syria and possibly in Iran. It will then become easier to deal with Hamas and Hizbullah to remove all security fears of Israel. The US has yet to accomplish its mission in South Asia since it has been unable to extract nuclear teeth of Pakistan and reduce its warrior spirit. Concerted efforts are underway to steal or destroy nukes and delivery means which are under tight control of Strategic Force.
    Going through the track record and conduct of USA, there is no doubt left in anyone’s mind that American foreign policy revolves around intrigues, lies, deceit, conspiracies, terrorism, false flag operations and use of force. Americans consider them to be most open minded and liberal in the world. The reality is quite opposite to their self-claimed belief. Blacks and whites communal riots are a routine affair in USA as in the case of Hindu-Muslim riots in India. There is no dearth of extremist Americans who remain on lookout how to injure the religious beliefs of others particularly Muslims, exactly the same way as in India.
    We do not have to dig too deep in the past. The US court sentenced Dr Afia Siddiqui to 86 years jail term on account of uncommitted offences merely because of deep seated prejudice against Muslims. The extremist mindset of the US Pastor Terry Jones is also a glaring example of religious intolerance and bigotry prevalent in USA. He first announced his intentions to burn Holy Quran and then declared his intention to file a petition in court against use of Quran in USA. Later on he fulfilled his satanic plan by burning copies of Quran and got away with it.
    Prejudice, fanaticism, extremism, intolerance and cruelty are some of the characteristics deeply ingrained into the minds of US officials and elites. With such hideous traits and black track record, on what basis the US is voicing its concerns about terrorism when it is the biggest terrorist state of the world? The huge network of CIA operatives secretly deployed in Pakistan is stoking flames of terrorism to create anarchic conditions. Pakistan has no moral justification to become an ally of biggest terrorist state and fight its war when it has been confirmed that it is fuelling rather than curbing terrorism to harm Pakistan.

    • Timothy Dalrymple

      Now THAT is hilarious.

  • shahid Hamed Qureshi

    I pray from ALLAH that “destroy all those who are involve in making this film (AMEEN)

    • habiab

      Such people are sick minded, even they do not know who is their father, that is way take their frustration out do such things

  • Thomas

    Peace be with you.

    All this over one ex cons attempt to make an movie that may have been deliberately edited to inflame violence?

    I saw what I though may have been the part of the you tube clip. Although it was very poor taste and designed to be insulting, had it been made about some other religion we probably would have had minor protests from individuals and no violence?

    I see that some people are deliberately trying to inflame the situation
    This seems to be the work of someone with an agenda.
    I refer to recent websites by people that follow these incidents I have researched a lot regarding this and personally came to the conclusion that this is part of the New World Order agenda and the war on Terror is in fact also a war on religion. Not just one as in Muslim but all good religions Christianity, Bud ism and others that oppose Satanism and Luciferianism.,
    Please look at some other people that have come to similar conclusions.

    One should take the time to watch this BBC production titled: Osama bin Laden was CIA agent & Al-Qaeda Never Existed – Invented by CIA and clearly shows what deceit our leaders have potrayed and their evil intentions……….this film and the consequences that followed all form part of the New World Order master plan……..I will let you decide if I am right or wrong in this assumption? ( Due to spam filters I could not place the entire web site inf. add the missing http and www to follow the above links .)
    Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant –  15/9/2012
    Take a look at the person that wrote the book Extreme Prejudice, Suzane Lindauer. Former CIA Asset 2nd person to be arrested under the Patriot Act.
    Follow Alex Jones and former Governor Jesse Ventura on You Tube. Look at the evidence presented for the Illuminati, Bilderberg Group. Bohemian Grove, Mason connection to satanic occult religions of the NEW AGE beliefs.
    Find out whom their agents are and if they are corporate or Government establishments.
    The line is very thin here. Do they represent the people or are they puppets.
    Ask why the US Government has ordered Google to shut down over hundreds of thousands of Christian Web sites. They were Security threats? Declared by Congress. These are world wide events. You can not establish a One World Government without removing dissident groups opposing the movement.
    People, please do not jump to conclusions or let those whom adore violence and feed on hate win.
    Evil feeds on chaos and hate, Do not give in to it.
    By doing harmful things to others you are falling into the trap. These actions only provoke reactions from like minded people, this in turn leads to more hostility and harm to others. Some innocent and gullible people may take this further.
    Look at the story behind the Norway massacre, the person responsible should have got multiple life sentences. Yet as he declared himself a Night of the Templar he got 21 years maximum with 10 years minimum jail for 77 deaths.

    These people are doing this deliberately to cause a war against religion.
    Not just Islam but Christianity as well.
    Did any one stop and think, that maybe the Luciferian or Satanic cults are trying to inflame or cause a religious war?
    They do not care if GOOD people are killed on either side. All they are interested in is pursuing their agendas. These agendas have been planned for hundreds of years. History is full of wars that have been started by powerful minorities that used pawns and scape goats to achieve their agendas.
    Muslims and Christians along with all other god and good believing religions WAKE UP. The real enemy is not the the visible and obvious one. The real enemy is hidden and works in the background by stealth.
    Working together to tackle and stop the common enemy using peaceful means will achieve victory.
    God, Jesus, Allah, and Good can defend it self.
    They are all powerful.
    These inflammatory violent groups are the real reason for most of the worlds problems.
    They fear the multitude and what would happen if the multitude was united.
    This is the reason these events are staged. to divide and conquer.
    They play the game of pitting one side against the other.
    Every time we react in anger and violence they win. Take that power away from them by not playing the game by their rules.
    Result of the protests, Peopel were killed, hurt and property was damaged. This can be used as a reason to increase military and police forces just as other false flag operations were used.
    The protesters were filmed and some were arrested. Radical or people with little self control have been exposed and the Police and Military along with Security agencies have got videos and pictures they can associate and link with names and other data.
    In genuine situations this may be a good thing, however, it may also be used against some to achieve agendas.
    Perfect plan to flush out radical and violent individuals and groups. If you know how to push someones button and have them react in an violent and silly way you can blame them for other planned deceptions in order to achieve your goals.
    The sad thing is that the large porpotion of Police and Military are only unaware paws in the game.
    They follow orders.
    Incidents like this only serve to turn them and other citizens against the so called radicals.
    This reinforces and converts some of their beliefs and turns them into stern believers that will be more inclined to take their jobs more personally rather than having balanced views.

    • Timothy Dalrymple

      I swear, it seems like I get the longest comments of any blog I know.

      I really try to read all of these, people, but you don’t make it easy.

      Then again, most of the comments are thoughtful, so thank you for that.

  • the order

    its sad to see that people are fighting each other without a cause. there a lot of mistaken understanding especially from non muslims to muslims and prophet Muhammad. its kinda sad to find out that there are people mocking the massangers of the god. i didnt know how far the non muslims especially the christians and jew about all the prophet and the manners to them. as we are muslims that all prophet starting from Adam till the last (Muhammad) is the god massanger. we should treat them with manners, respect without any exeption. We muslims never ever mocking the Jesus because he is also the god massangers and i hope that u all do the same. If your faith in your religios is strong and pure u will find it that by mocking the Prophet is not what ur religious wants. and for those who refuse to accept this and still want to mocking the Prophet especially Muhammad, i myself think go ahead if u think that is the best. but remeber that even how many word u spread, how many film u make , the fact that the Prophet Muhammad is not even got scratch or tarn becuase of that doing. u are the one who get effected, u lose ur times consume and money to invest on something that not worth it at all. And maybe the reasons is to provoke the muslims commity like now and to make the muslims look bad. and u made it, congrats but may i ask u.. How do you feel? to find people killing each other… to find people hating each other… Are you happy? when innocent people was harm.. And will the God ask u in the afterlife regarding this?
    Think … Think deeply … Think Wisely…

  • VeiledPrincess

    I am an American Muslim. To me this video is a disgrace. Trying to degrade one’s religion on the principle of free-speech is an abomination to the American Constitution, which was made to uphold justice and religious tolerance for all.
    I do not support violence of any kind and hope that all believing men and women can come together and create world peace.
    So any media outlet showing or promoting this filthy, piece of garbage take it down, out of respect for others at the least.

  • Freedom?

    Im not in any way condoning the rioting that the muslims have been doing lately, but can someone please explain to me why this ignorant hate monger is still free after causing riots AROUND THE WORLD on numerous occasions? Its all well and good going nuts at the Muslims for kicking up a stink because of supposed slights against their magical deity but ffs what makes it OK to provoke it?

    If i walked into the middle of any city in any civilised western nation and started a brawl let alone a riot, i would be arrested, and yet punks like this guy can provoke violence under the guise of freedom of speech and religion.

    USA Deal with your s**t, shut these people up, and try and deal with the muslims through education and tolerance, NOT hate, ignorance, and provocation.

  • Sara

    I agree with half of these comments but some of them are full of shit just like the movie. People are commenting and swearing at muslims Pathetic idiots. Its clearly obvious that this movie was made to cause corruption all around the world. All over the news it says people are protesting and killing eachother. Sometimes i wonder what this world is coming too. There is no peace and everywhere you go theres hatred and violence. Children are losing their parents because they work in the army or because there is loads of violence in that specific country. It is also the other way round parents are losing children. I am a muslim myself and i am against this movie and violence. People are dedicating their lifes just to help others but some people just dont seem to understand that. Why dont they just remove this video and end all this shit once and for all because i dont know about you but i am getting fed up hearing about all these protests. Help those people instead of hurting them. Like Tupac once said “They got money for wars but they cant feed the poor”.

  • Inamul Haq