Breakfast Links: Delayed Response, Obama Resignation, Wrong Man at the Wrong Time, Graham on the Election


Peter Enns: “Forgiveness does not depend on our ability to bring the other to the same realization. Our forgiveness must commence regardless of the other.”

Elizabeth Scalia: “The attack went on for hours. Why didn’t/couldn’t our military go in? Was it for the same reason that no military was there to protect them in the first place, that the Obama administration did not want the appearance of a military presence? Were they watching, thinking the attack should quickly succeed, allowing them to say it all happened so fast… and then it wasn’t fast?”

Roger L. Simon: Should Obama Resign Tonight? Follow the Trail of the Illegal Money

Tim Dalrymple: “The problem with President Obama is not that he’s a bad person.  He ran an incredible campaign in 2008, and he has some admirable qualities.  The problem is that Barack Obama is not the President America needs right now.”

Kurt Willems: “If it would be unthinkable for me to disrespect the Christ in the Sacrament shouldn’t it be equally unthinkable for me to disrespect Christ in the stranger?”

Marc Barnes: Delight and Being

Leah Libresco: Objective Morality and Hard-to-Get-At Moral Truths

John Mark Reynolds: “Better rule by a pagan who is consistent in his few virtues, then a Christian hypocritical about acting out his total truth… if theocracy is an evil then so is libertine morality that allows each person to do anything that is right in his own eyes. Such a culture will seem “free” at first, but will soon devolve into the rule of the strong over the weak.”

Conn Carroll: Economy, Jobs, Debt – Why Romney is Surging

Steve Kornacki: Why a Romney Win Would Be Bad for America

Eric Teetsel: “Sometimes the Truth has political ramifications and a Christian social ethic prioritizes some issues over others. As Election Day draws near, Graham has provided a reminder of what is at stake and how Christians should act.”

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