Breakfast Links: Flag-waving, Exceptionalism, Lincoln’s Letter from God


Karen Spears Zacharias: “Politicians like to wrap themselves in flags.  Servicemen like my father are just buried under them.”

Keith Koffler, White House Dossier: Romney’s Rope-a-Dope

Ezra Klein, Washington Post: The Last Debate in Graphs

Drew Dixon: “Of course we think America is special, we live here and in many ways it is special. But as to whether America is special in the eyes of God, that seems like something we should leave up to God.”

Charles Krauthammer, Real Clear Politics: Romney Won

Alec MacGillis, The New Republic: Obama Reasserts Command

Adam Jeske: “…maybe if we started actively solving real problems, really helping people in hard places (not having a disproportionate amount of “foreign aid” buying bombers for Israel), maybe there would be less war and terror and more true national security.”

Chris Stirewalt, Fox News: Obama Running Out of Time

Edward J. Blum, Paul Harvey, New York Times: Lincoln’s Letter From God

Jason Morehead: “Would “nature rights” even be an issue were Christians laboring to protect nature and help it to flourish — again, not because we believed that the creation had rights in and of itself, but rather, because we believed that doing so was nothing less than an act of worship to the Creator?”

Eric C. Miller, Religion Dispatches Magazine: Obama – Pro-Life Hero?

Jeffrey Weiss, Real Clear Religion: Truth…and When Pigs Fly

David French: “The cumulative effect of all the mocking smiles, derisive laughs, and “zinging” one-liners (Horses and bayonets?  Really?) was not so much to stop Mitt Romney’s momentum as it was to obliterate President Obama’s likability advantage.”

Richard Dahlstrom, Unlocking Potential by Practicing Presence

Connor Wood, The Brain and Belief

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  • Doug

    Regarding French’s statement: I’m always amazed by how much my Republican friends (and relatives) are personally repelled by President Obama. It’s a visceral reaction. We can watch the same speech/debate/etc. and to their minds Mr Obama was snide, arrogant, snarky, while I found him perfectly inoffensive, even personable. I can recognize when he says something they’ll object to, but I’ve tried to watch him (his mannerisms, body language) through their eyes, and I just can’t see it. I suppose we all look at political figures through the eyes of our own politics: we see, to a degree, what we expect and prefer to see, and the foibles and quirks that we might otherwise overlook turn our opponents into ogres. Certainly the left suffered from something similar with President Bush. Just the image of the man’s face was enough to send some of my less-moderate lefty friends into fits of rage.