Breakfast Links for 11/26/12 – Abusive husbands; Overcoming fear; Arlington photo scandal


Owen Strachan, Patheos/Thoughtlife: “…if I could talk with a man who was abusing his headship of his home, what would I say?  What follows is an attempt toward that end, and ultimately, toward the strengthening of Christian families.”

Casey B. Mulligan, New York Post: Unemployment Aid is Prolonging the Recession

Roger Olson, Patheos/Roger E. Olson: “I said “Please tell the manager that I’m a customer, too, and I’m offended that the store plays only secular “Christmas” music.” He just looked at me like I have two heads.”

Rick Moran, PJ Media: Obamacare Will Make GOP the Majority Party in 2014

Bill Blankschein, Patheos/Bill in the Blanks: “I believe that for those who have trusted in Christ as their only hope, God has not left us to be paralyzed by the unknown. Instead, His Word gives us 7 steps for overcoming fear and rising victoriously above the challenges that come our way.”

N.T. Wright, Fulcrum: Women Bishops Now – the Bible Tells Us So

Douglas Wilson, Blog and Mablog: Women Bishops – the Bible Tells Us No

Karen Spears Zacharias, Patheos/Karen Spears Zacharias: “But do you want to live in the country where respect is dictated, where honor is mandated, where people are imprisoned for acting the fool?”



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