Breakfast Links for 12/06/12: Christians Eat Their Own; Shalom and Suffering; Christian Women and Victoria’s Secret


Tim Dalrymple/Andrew Marin, Patheos/Philosophical Fragments: “Jesus had a strong set of convictions and a definitive theology. Yet he continually engaged not through the court system, but relationally through people; whether the legal system or people agreed or disagreed with him.”

Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal: Obama’s Ruinous Course

Scot McKnight, Patheos/Jesus Creed: ““You Christians eat your own. Always have. Always will.”

Robert Reich, Salon: Three Real “Cliffs” Facing America

Joe Carter, Patheos/Joe Carter’s Commonplace: “Commenting on the news that Kate Middleton is pregnant, Denny Burk wonders Why aren’t we calling it the “royal fetus”? In 2004, I considered what a conversation would sound like if pro-choicers used language that was consistent with their beliefs.”

Bruce Riedel, The Daily Beast: Al Qaeda 3.0: Terrorism’s New Power Bases

Richard Dahlstrom, Patheos/Fibonacci Faith: “My God – what kind of a world is this, where one is born to shattering bombs, another to blossoms and paths through the forest?  The juxtaposition of shalom and suffering is one of the great tensions and mysteries of life, birthing questions asked not just by Christ followers, but by all people everywhere.  These realities create questions, but there are answers, and they come from two of my favorite people, Jesus and Gandalf.”

Matt K. Lewis, The Daily Caller: Real Faith, Dead Religion

Jewel Evans, Patheos/Christ and Pop Culture: “And that’s a key element that women face: being noticed by others, specifically men, who are not part of our intimate daily lives. It’s true that all clothing defines, and it’s important that women think carefully about how they’re letting a brand define them.”

Russ Rankin, Lifeway: Americans Like the Pill Mandate


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