Breakfast Links for 12/07/12 – One-Hit Wonders; Secrets Pastors Have; Guns, Football and Fornication


Karen Spears Zacharias, Patheos/Karen Spears Zacharias: “Friendships have fallen by the wayside after I failed to live up to someone’s expectation.  It happens to God a lot, too.”

Phil Cook, HuffPost: How Christianity Lost It’s Voice

Thom Rainer, Thom S. Rainer: Five Secrets Your Pastor Won’t Tell You

John Turner, Patheos/The Anxious Bench: ” There has always been a thin line between intense religious experience and madness, especially in the eyes of those critical of certain varieties of religious experience.”

Beth Felker Jones, Her*meneutics: Mark Driscoll Is Wrong About Twilight

Edward Morrissey, The Fiscal Times: It Was Clinton’s Spending Cuts, Not Tax Increases, That Worked

John Mark Reynolds, Patheos/Eidos: “Isn’t it really a great idea for pop culture to be allow judgmental statements about gun control or football, but avoid discussing irresponsible sexuality?”

Dina Esfandiary, The Diplomat: Preventing a Chemical Weapons Nightmare in Syria


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