The Greater Commission: Priority is Everything

I’m grateful for the following guest post from my friend Rolley Haggard of Breakpoint: * The Greater Commission By Rolley Haggard  There is no higher calling of God upon the church and the individual believer than to proclaim the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission. Right? Wrong. There is a Greater Commission. It is generally referred [Read More...]

Mike Huckabee’s Crass Misuse of Jesus


The SCOTUS rulings handed down yesterday have stirred impassioned responses on all sides.  I (and guest posters) will have more to say in this space soon, from differing perspectives.  Stay tuned.  For today, I am always thrilled to share the thoughts of Peter Wehner, one of the most serious and experienced evangelical policy thinkers around. [Read More...]

Loud on Poverty, Quiet on Abortion: The Danger of Selective Theonomy


My friend Rob Schwarzwalder from the Family Research Council offers the following guest post this morning: * Religion, Morality, and Policy: The Danger of Selective Theonomy  By Rob Schwarzwalder “Theonomy” is not a word that trips easily off the tongue. It refers to a strain of Christian thinking that demands application of Old Testament civil [Read More...]

Jesus, Homosexuals, and the Grace of God – Wehner Responds to DeYoung


Recently Peter Wehner reflected here on homosexuality, grace, and Christian witness — a matter very much in the news as Alan Chambers of Exodus International recently issued a very public apology for the hurt many gays have experienced at the hands of the church, and announced he is shutting down the ministry.  Pete is a [Read More...]

The Family Devotional, Reinvented

nosmiles (1)

My nearly-five-year-old daughter loves  And I have to admit: it’s pretty terrific.  Sure, the images and animations are very simple, and sometimes they games seem way too easy for the designed age group.  But I like that she’s engaging in something educational and entertaining at the same time, and she likes that she’s singing [Read More...]