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Abortion, abortion, abortion

'The topic continues to be a hot button issue in the US as recently evidenced by the response to Sen. Obama's comments to Pastor Rick Warren on August 16 and House Speaker Pelosi's comments to Tom Brokaw on August 24. The fact that abortion continues to be an issue reflects the amazing grass roots work of the pro-life movement.','You can watch the statements of both politicians here on YouTube.Of particular interest is Pelosi's misstep, which a friend pointed out to me, when she uses the … [Read more...]

Girrrrl power in the best sense

Feminism talks a lot about empowering women, but here's a great example of real feminism, where the rubber hits the road and things actually get accomplished.These women got together to pool their resources so that they could be more effective in their efforts to give back to their local Washington, DC community. The rest of us should recognize our "collective bargaining power." Look at the impact they've had. … [Read more...]

A healthy sense of shame

The walk of shame. It's an expression that most of us have heard and it's actually quite apt. It refers to that time the next morning when a young woman or girl has to go back to her home, or dorm, or even straight to work...and it's quite apparent what she was doing the night before. But maybe it reveals something innate in women...Fred Schwarz has this piece on NRO today in which he puts forth the notion that a sense of shame may actually be healthy. I agree. He also suggests that we … [Read more...]

Blind to the obvious

In this provocative op-ed for the NYT, John Miller, former State Department ambassador, goes after the Justice Department for its apparent failure to back up the President's agenda to combat sex trafficking both in the US and internationally.The whole piece is worth reading, but one section in particular stands out:A culture clash, I suspect, is the real reason for the Justice Department’s opposition. This isn’t the usual culture clash of right and left, religious and secular. In this case, t … [Read more...]

Humanae Vitae – Still Truckin: 40 Years Later

Humanae Vitae, the encyclical of the Catholic Church known more for it's opposition to contraception than for it's overall message, has just turned 40. Despite the naysayers, the Church still teaches the contraception is contrary to the reality of true love. No matter how "unpopular" the teaching, more and more people have come to embrace it. I've even met someone who converted to Catholicism after hearing Prof. Janet Smith's talk, "Contraception, why not."In honor of the 40th anniversary, … [Read more...]

Push – to gift or not?

Recently I was interviewed for this piece in the Washington Times on the topic of push presents. My original comment is posted here. In a nutshell, I think they're a lovely tradition that has been hi-jacked.' … [Read more...]