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President Obama’s Catholic Problem

In case you've been asleep or blissfully unaware, we have a newsflash. President Obama has a Catholic problem.You see, many Catholics voted for him ostensibly because of the economy. (Looking at the voter data, I don't think there was really a record turnout. There were perhaps only a million more voters than the previous election. The Obama campaign did an excellent job of registering new voters - mostly young people and blacks. And he didn't win with a landslide. I think he won because a … [Read more...]

A question for Fr. Jenkins

The situation surrounding Notre Dame's honoring of President Obama gets more and more interesting.The amazing response of believing Catholics has given me great consolation and hope. Here's another example, an article by Lacy Dodd, a Notre Dame alumna who found herself pregnant in her senior year. Her boyfriend was also a senior at Notre Dame, but he encouraged her to have an abortion since the pro-life position of the Church is just "dining-room talk." She touches on many profound themes, … [Read more...]

Brava, Prof. Mary Ann Glendon!

For some time, many people have been wondering just what Harvard Law Professor Mary Ann Glendon would say when she received the Laetare Medal at Notre Dame just after hearing President Obama give the commencement address. Now we know.Nothing.She has declined the award. Via, her explanation in full here.Read the entirety of her letter. Here's a sample to whet the appetite: First, as a longtime consultant to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, I could not help but be … [Read more...]

Secretary Clinton, Margaret Sanger, and facts (those silly little details)

The Secretary of State was recently praising one of her personal heroes, Margaret Sanger, but should a feminist consider Sanger inspiring?There have been several excellent books written on the topic of Margaret Sanger and her beliefs. (Angela Franks wrote a well documented book that I hope will be republished in a less academic format.) Yet, I guess it's not all that suprising that Secretary Clinton would sing Sanger's praises since the Secretary has been so supportive of the Planned … [Read more...]

Maybe this will help explain President Obama’s Catholic problem

While the President is pondering the pain that terrorists feel during interrogation, he seems completely unconcerned with the pain that millions of babies have felt during an abortion, not to mention what their mothers and other relatives go through.George Neumayr articulates this discrepancy in his latest article. Riddle me this one: Obama's prim pontifications about America's "values and ideals" inspired Chris Matthews and Jack Cafferty, among other deep and careful thinkers, to mull over … [Read more...]

FDA to approve ‘morning after pill’ for 17-year-olds

So, according to the FDA, it's all right for 17-year-olds to take the 'morning after pill' (which can work by preventing implantation of an embryo, not just preventing the creation of an embryo).But the same 17-year-old in California would need parental consent for a tanning booth. A 17-year-old in most, if not every, state would need parental consent to go on a school field trip. And it's recommended by medical associations that this 17-year-old, like adult women, should have a yearly … [Read more...]