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Let Benedict be Benedict

It’s difficult to do communications for someone I don’t advise or even know. But over the past few weeks, I have been asked a lot of questions, on air and off, about the statements and actions made by some leaders in the Catholic Church regarding the sex abuse scandals.Yet amid the confusion, it seems apparent to me that Pope Benedict has taken an unprecedented lead in handling the issue. He started in 2001 even before he was pope when he was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the F … [Read more...]

Penance for the Scandal

In the past few years, I’ve heard some ideas about the sacrament of penance that continue to bother me. The latest resurfacing of the sex abuse scandals within the Church brings to mind these concerns.When it comes to marital infidelities, many confessors recommend not telling the betrayed spouse. There might be some room for this advice if the spouse is somehow unwell or if the offense is a one-time lapse. But it begs the question of forgiveness and, perhaps more importantly, betrays the m … [Read more...]