Fr. Lombardi’s Press Statement & Benedict’s Implicit Challenge

In case you're interested in Fr. Lombardi's formal statement from the press conference yesterday, here's a link to the Italian text.Specifically:"Alla luce di questa visione ampia e profonda della sessualità umana e della sua problematica odierna, il Papa riafferma che "naturalmente la Chiesa non considera i profilattici come la soluzione autentica e morale" del problema dell’AIDS.Con ciò il Papa non riforma o cambia l’insegnamento della Chiesa, ma lo riafferma mettendosi nella pr … [Read more...]

Condoms. A Lesser Evil?

Well, it's never dull. At the press conference to release the new book Light of the World, Fr. Lombardi made some "clarifications." [I've posted a link and excerpt below.]I'm not sure why Fr. Lombardi chose to jump into the fray with this. There's much more in the book that deserves comment besides the Pope's reiteration of the Church's teaching on condoms. Yes, he give the example of a male prostitute who uses a condom as a form of "moral awakening" but that's not saying that it's a lesser … [Read more...]

Rocky Balboa & Pope Benedict

A conversation between Rocky and his manager in Rocky II:Gazo: How's about investing in condominiums? It's safe.Rocky: Condominiums?Gazo: Yeah, condominiums....Rocky: I never use 'em.Just had a conversation with a friend of mine who's familiar with the new interview book with the Pope, and we were laughing (albeit dryly) about the fact that there's a whole lot more in Light of the World than condoms and it's all far more interesting.Some fun personal stuff:- Benedict does NOT … [Read more...]

B16 Stands by his Regensburg Address

The great thing about this new book, Light of the World, is that it makes clear to the world that Pope Benedict is not afraid to address difficult issues, even if people will disagree with him. In fact he expects disagreement: "If there had been nothing but approval, I would have had to ask myself seriously whether I was really proclaiming the whole Gospel."So who can forget the Regensburg address? As interviewer Peter Seewald notes, this lecture given on September 12, 2006, has been … [Read more...]

Pope ok’s condoms.

Now that I've got your attention, please buy a copy of the new book Light of the World, an interview of B16 by Peter Seewald, and find out for yourself. In addition to the question of condoms, you'll also find that Benedict is an incredibly interesting and deep leader.So, here's the scoop. L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper (where I once worked), broke the embargo on the book and published some excerpts. Of course, if there's something to do with sex and anything Catholic, you can … [Read more...]

Conservative…Liberal…or Catholic?

Perhaps I'm a bit naive, but I don't think terms like "liberal" and "conservative" are all that helpful in the Catholic Church. Earlier this week, when I began to witness the discussion surrounding the elections of Archbishop Dolan and Archbishop Kurtz as president and vice-president respectively of the USCCB, I started thinking about how useless these terms are. … [Read more...]