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The Academy-Award-Voting Nun

So I just learned that one of the voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is a former actress who became cloistered Benedictine nun: Mother Dolores Hart. Entertainment Weeklyhas a great article describing her film career, her decision to become a nun, and her involvement in the academy.I really enjoyed some of her quotes.Why she doesn't share or recommend all of the films to the sisters in her community -I don't think that they would be shocked by the gore … [Read more...]

Proposed South Dakota Abortion Law: Too much of a good thing or just not the right stuff?

It's not every day that I'm sympathetic to an abortion article in Mother Jones. Actually, today I'm not either; but I'm sure that how some will read my critique of the proposed South Dakota legislation that would make it legitimate to kill someone who is threatening the life of a fetus/unborn child. I'm all for pro-life legislation, but I think we pro-lifers have to be certain that it's good legislation and strategically sound. In the case of South Dakota, I'm not convinced.Mother Jones, … [Read more...]

Looks like it’s more than Bush hatred.

I just skimmed this article, about the case of a detained US Citizen in Pakistan; but had to post the accompanying picture.While I'm not familiar with the case, look at the above picture of the effigy. The sign says, "John Kerry and Obama." All I can say is that protesters outside of the US seem to understand our media better than we do. Use English language signs and US media will cover the event (as long as it's not a pro-life march).For eight+ years, people have blamed President … [Read more...]

Win-Wins for Moms & Babies

I may sound like a big lib to some conservatives, but I don't care. I think it's great that the First Lady issupporting breast feeding initiatives including a push to make workplaces more friendly for nursing moms.Before someone starts condemning working moms, the reality is that many women have to work (especially the single moms who might otherwise have had abortions). One friend of mine actually had a child care provider who would bring the baby to her so that she could nurse. Obviously, … [Read more...]

Bigger Back Alleys

Mark Steyn has a provocative piece highlighting the fact that despite being legal, abortion is hardly "safe."And at more than 1.2 million abortions a year, it is the most common surgical procedure. So much for "rare."Oh well, I guess it's still "legal." … [Read more...]

More on Lying for a Good Cause

As I mentioned in my previous post, the question of whether Live Action acted wrongly in attaining it’s videos of Planned Parenthood, is hardly settled.Read more here. … [Read more...]