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Catholics Who Use Contraception Aren’t The Only Cafeteria Catholics.

Reading Simcha Fisher’s recent post on natural family planning (NFP) reminds me of the fact that there are lots of different types of cafeteria Catholics, that is Catholics who pick and choose which Church teachings they will accept. In this case, Simcha’s targeting that vocal minority that seems to question the licitness of NFP. Yes, even PODs (pious and overly devout Catholics, of which I’ve been said to be one) can be cafeteria Catholics.Honestly, part of me doesn’t understand how we can k … [Read more...]

B16’s “Jesus of Nazareth”: it’s worth your time.

Released today, just in time for Lent – Pope Benedict’s new book, Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week.Last week, the book made headlines with old news that needed to be heard again, namely that the Jewish people are not responsible for the death of Jesus. The book continues to make international news.Yesterday, Ignatius hosted a telepress conference to introduce the book. Experts included Fr. Fessio, Mark Brumley, Dr. Craig Evans, Dr. Jacob Neusner, Dr. Brant Pitre, Fr. Thomas Weinandy, and Dr. … [Read more...]

Free Copies of “Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week”

The Pope's new book comes out tomorrow. You can win a copy today. Go to Facebook for the competition. … [Read more...]

Takes a Non-Catholic to Make a Fair Catholic Movie?

John Allen has a good articleabout the upcoming Roland Joffe film, There Be Dragons. TBD is a fictional story which includes the real character of St. Josemaría Escrivá, the founder of Opus Dei.Fun quote:Six years ago I published a book on Opus Dei, attempting to sort myth from reality about the controversial Catholic group. One question I hoped to answer was this: What was it about St. Josemaría Escrivá, the founder of Opus Dei, which inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the … [Read more...]

Questions for SCOTUS: Why Snyder v. Phelps?

Last week in an 8-1 decision, the Supreme Court ruled in Snyder v. Phelps in favor of Westboro Baptist Church. These are the crazies at who protest the funerals of soldiers KIA because they believe that God is punishing the U.S. for its leniency towards gays* and, thus, God is allowing soldiers to be killed until the U.S. changes its policies. In fact, they believe that the more soldiers are killed, the better. Utter lunacy.But this lunacy is protected as free speech. The very soldier whose … [Read more...]

Newsflash! The Church Is Not Anti-Semitic.

When I was growing up, my mom would recount her answer to someone she knew who was anti-Semitic. In a Los Angeles Jewish accent: "When you get to Heaven, this beautiful young Jewish girl is going to welcome you and say, 'I want you should meet my son Jesus. He's a good Jewish boy." (!!!)Unfortunately, anti-Semitism continues around the world which is precisely why Pope Benedict's new book, Jesus of Nazareth,Vol. 2, is making headlines. While the Catholic Church has explicitly denounced … [Read more...]