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So Much For Quick & Easy Euthanasia

As a follow up to my recent piece on euthanasia, I thought it worth sharing this sad story on a euthanasia procedure that wasn't as quick and trouble free as promised.The patient tried to commit suicide twice before going to a clinic in Switzerland to be euthanized. Clearly, he was suffering and was not properly treated. And his final exit didn't go smoothly either. In addition to the depression he must have been suffering, he pain was not well managed. Yet, we have the means to deal … [Read more...]

Euthanasia, Why Not? Love Is Stronger Than Death

The US Bishops have just issued a new document on euthanasia. We definitely needed this document. Here's my first stab at unpacking it. … [Read more...]

Thoughts On A Scandal

Over the past few weeks, as I’ve been listening to all the coverage of Congressman Weiner’s transgressions, I’ve realized that we’re at a crossroads.Read more here. … [Read more...]

Weiner’s Women & Other Gals Who Behave Badly

I just posted a piece at commenting on a provocative column by LZ Granderson (CNN & ESPN) in which he raises the excellent question of why we rightly criticize high-profile men for misbehaving, but never their complicit and willing partners. Apparently, even in an age when women can behave as badly as men, there are still double standards. Read more here. … [Read more...]

‘Bridesmaids’ – Women Comedians Breaking The Glass Ceiling Or Just The Same Old Fairy Tale?

Saw the new film Bridesmaids. If you've been in a wedding party, especially if you're a woman, you will identify with some hilarious aspects of the film. But, while the actors are all great comedians and we're long overdue for seeing women take the lead in comedies, this movie is deeply conflicted...not unlike the situation of contemporary women. Read more here. … [Read more...]

‘Of Gods & Men’ – it’s the drama of love.

 I've fallen behind in blogging. And I've even missed the opportunity of shameless self promotion of linking to a recent column I wrote on the movie Of Gods And Men.Put simply, you must see this movie if you haven't already. I love that it's a deeply Catholic movie that appeals to secular audiences. In 2010, it won second place at the Cannes Film Festival.More movie discussion coming next week! (Not as highbrow.)Updated: Here's another reviewer who was similarly impacted. … [Read more...]