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Emily’s Right.

Emily Stimpson (whom I don’t think I know except through her writing) has an excellent post from earlier today.Basically, part of the problem we’re faced with in crises like the HHS mandate on contraception and attempts to redefine marriage is that the Catholic faithful hardly know the Church’s teachings and many of us have not been living them. Even those of us who are regular church-goers may be shaky on the issues because we rarely hear about them.For decades, post Vatican II, the … [Read more...]

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Justina McCaffrey has another thoughtful piece up at Huffington Post. This time, she's talking about what's missing from some weddings: the raw passion that makes two people commit to give themselves to each other completely.Weddings become productions that are based on entertainment, not centered on witnessing an incredible commitment - one that will probably be difficult to maintain at time - between two people who are also saying that they're willing to die to themselves in order to … [Read more...]

39 Years of “Roe v. Wade”

Yesterday marked 39 years of court mandated abortion rights in every state in the U.S. People all over the country have been commemorating the decision with the biggest event happening today in Washington, DC, the March For Life.There are so many things that could be said, but I think I'll just let this essay by Paul Vitz and Evelyn Vitz address one key concern, namely that a movement that claims to be about choice should at the very least inform women about... their choices.Most women … [Read more...]

I’ll Love You Forever. Until Tomorrow.

In 2010, Washington, DC redefined marriage so that same-sex couples could marry.Part of the argument in favor of redefining marriage has been that same-sex couples in committed relationships should be allowed to marry because they are in a long-term relationship...that sort of looks like marriage.Now DC is considering legislation (at the Council level) that would make it easier for same-sex couples married in DC to divorce. This would also apply to any same-sex couple that married in DC … [Read more...]