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Shoe Leather Evangelization

Most of us are just getting to know Cardinal Bergoglio, the man who is now Pope Francis. Anyone with access to the Interwebs can now be an "expert" after a few searches.As I learn more about Bergoglio, I'm struck by his simplicity and humility, as are many others. His sincere and prayerful countenance when he first greeted the world yesterday made a strong impression.We don't know much about how he ran the chancellory in Buenos Aires, but we do know that he lived a simple life and … [Read more...]

Pope Francis Takes A Cue From Benedict: Prayer

Ok, I'll just dive in. What struck me most about Pope Francis' first public appearance was his apparent humility and his focus on prayer. First, he asked us to pray for Benedict and he led the crowd in the piazza and all those listening and watching around the world in an Our Father, Holy Mary, and Glory Be. Granted, it was in Italian, but I think most anyone got a strong enough sense to join in.Then, before giving his blessing, he asked us to pray for him.And don't miss the plenary … [Read more...]

Same Sex Marriage & Catholics: Survey Says…

It's all about how you read the signs...Today's headline to a study claiming that Catholics support same sex marriage and want the Church to change its teaching:Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Catholics Want New Direction From Next PopeAmerican voter support for same-sex marriage is inching up and now stands at 47 - 43 percent, including 54 - 38 percent among Catholic voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.This compares … [Read more...]

Young Catholics, The New Pope, HuffPost, & Me

I'll be on HuffingtonPost Live at 11 a.m. ET today to discuss a recent WAPost article on (some) young-ish Catholics and the Church they want. This is sort of a follow up to my recent contribution at the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for Culture which was dedicated to the theme "Emerging Youth Cultures."One of the other panelists will be Chris Stefanick who runs youth ministry for the Archdiocese of Denver RealLifeCatholic and gives great talks to 70,000+ youth/year. Should be … [Read more...]

Cardinals Invite Everyone To Pray With Them At St. Peter’s Tomorrow.

In the Vatican reporting about today's Particular Congregation, mention is made of a proposal that was accepted to dedicate tomorrow evening's session (presumably starting at the regular time of of 5 p.m. Rome time) to prayer.There was also a proposal, endorsed by the Particular Congregation, to dedicate tomorrow afternoon to prayer in St. Peter's Basilica. The Cardinal Dean, Angelo Sodano, will lead the prayers. This initiative will also serve as an invitation to the entire Church to pray at … [Read more...]

Bp Vasa To Catholic Teachers: Get On Board With Your Employer’s Mission.

Bishop Vasa of the Diocese of Santa Rosa in northern California is requiring teachers in diocesan (Catholic) schools to sign a statement called "Bearing Witness" that they will live in accord with the principles of the Catholic Church. In other words, they are being asked to agree to the mission of their employer/school and not act in ways that controvert the mission.I haven't seen the statement, but the press coverage implies its authenticity.When I worked at the Vatican, there was one … [Read more...]