Janet Smith Weighs In On Dawn Eden’s Critique of Christopher West

Dr. Janet Smith has just had published a response to Dawn Eden’s critique of Christopher West. I think it’s worth the time to read it as she clarifies some very important points and raises some fair questions.

No doubt this debate will continue. But I really do wonder about all the energy that has been spent critiquing West. Fine, he’s not to everyone’s liking. De gustibus non est dispuntandum. In matters of taste/preference, there is no dispute. We have different types of spirituality, different vocations, etc. Just because we’re Catholic doesn’t mean we can’t have differing opinions.

Speaking of different opinions, I happen to think that some candid conversations about sex are a good thing. Here’s arelated piece I wrote.

Update – Oct 5 – Janet has posted a revised version of her critiquehere.

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