Unintended Consequences of the Jesus Movement: Our Swag


If you're a Jesus Person of a certain age and had a subversive streak, you probably remember the old Wittenburg Door magazine.* If you don't, here's a link to a 1986 Sun-Sentinel article about the Door that snapshots its role and voice, back in the day. The magazine simultaneously skewered the worst of Christian subculture, had great book and movie reviews, and offered some meaty articles by writers like the late Mike Yaconelli, Sheldon Vanauken and Tony Campolo and Tom Sine. It also included … [Read more...]

At The Intersection Of Time & Eternity: Epiphany

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We three kings of Orient are Bearing gifts we traverse afar Field and fountain, moor and mountain Following yonder starThe royal seekers featured in this beloved carol are a part of every manger scene, usually represented by three kingly figures bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. These star-following wise men played an important prophetic role the early days of the life of Jesus. Their arrival in Bethlehem to pay homage to the baby King born in a lowly stable is at the heart o … [Read more...]

Review: Beginnings


Steve Wiens wants us to stop pursuing an ideal life. Most of us dedicate ourselves to this goal - and that includes Christians, who tend to baptize this pursuit in spiritual language. For example, whenever I ask a group to tell me what comes to mind when they hear the words abundant life, their answers tend to go right to the stuff of ideal life wins: material blessings, problem-free relationships, fulfilling and lucrative jobs, and an upgraded zip code. Wiens suggests that our "forced march" in … [Read more...]

At The Intersection Of Time & Eternity: Christmas

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On December 26th, Christmas wrapping paper is marked down for clearance, and suddenly all that red and green decor festooning the house starts looking a little stale. Christmas is over, right?Actually, the liturgical season of Christmas begins on December 25th and lasts twelve days. The song about those twelve days - you know, the one with the partridge in a pear tree - references the time span, but is a secular celebration of the sacred Christmas season. The Jewish festal cycle and the … [Read more...]

#AdventWord 2015


I've enjoyed participating in this year's #AdventWord Instagram journey with the online community connected with St. John the Evangelist. Each day, the brothers of the order gave us a word we could use for contemplation. We were invited to share our Instagrammed images inspired by that word with others. Here are mine. Blessings as you make your way to the manger this … [Read more...]

My favorite (media) things: 2015

time in between

I'm a sucker for Top Ten and Best Of lists at this time of year. Just for fun, here's my own list of media favorites from the past year: Netflix binge-watch favorites Bloodline - This Netflix original series was slow going for the first couple of episodes, but the simmering anger in the performance of Ben Mendelsohn as his family's prodigal on steroids kept me hooked. Season 2 is scheduled for release in 2016. Can't wait to see where they take this family's story next.The Time In Between - … [Read more...]

Jewish Evangelism In Light Of “The Gifts & Calling” Document

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I am not Catholic, but am grateful for my Catholic siblings in faith. I've been strengthened by many Catholic writers over the years, particularly those from the contemplative tradition. I've been encouraged by Catholic pro-life activism and challenged by the Church's commitment to social justice and care for the least of these. I love studying the Bible with Catholic friends.So much kingdom goodness in these things. These affirmations of goodness also carry deep sorrow with them, an … [Read more...]