Followers of this blog may have wondered where the Pop Feminist has gone these past few weeks.  While followers of popular culture may have wondered where in the world has all the Catholic art gone these past few centuries. The answer to both is the same: Artists go where artists are welcomed. Beggars at the Feast As we discussed a little in part one, artists are businesses of one.  That means that each of us must be, in some… Read more

Happy Father’s Day!  Allow me to take a moment to laud a few of my theatrical fathers, and meditate on examples of beautiful masculinity.  (Read the full article here.) On Beautiful Masculinity The other day, while shooting the breeze with a friend, she mentioned: “There’s a correlation, you know, between these frequent mass murder shootings and the recent sex scandals.” “What’s that?” I asked. “Well, think about it: from my research, the shootings and even these sex scandals revolve around… Read more

In the past few days, two shows have come under scrutiny because of the behavior of their cast members: The revelation of verbal abuse from Jeffrey Tambor on the sets of Transparent – from which he was fired -and Arrested Development – where he was kept on; And the cancelling of Roseanne Barr’s reboot of her sitcom Roseanne after a series of racist tweets she put out the other day. And it got me thinking, after writing whether we can… Read more

The following contains spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story, as well as the entire Star Wars movie franchise. For a spoiler-free take, read here. A Long, Long Time Ago in a Casting Pool Far, Far Away… Han Solo is one of the most beloved and iconic characters in all of movie history.  The lovable rogue, originally embodied by superstar Harrison Ford, swaggered through space, quipping during times of crisis, squabbling with the girl and running from the good guys,… Read more

It does not rain but drizzle: Overcast and breezy Like the days on which I read The best adventure books . . Today is an adventure day And only lacks the smell Of burning wood From an unseen neighbor’s forest Beckoning to be discovered . . I stroll the broken concrete Disturbed by maple trees: That house a thousand soggy birds; That overshadow gardens full of roses; That make a second canopy For the barely-wet umbrella I carry like a… Read more

You voted and commented – and I listened!  Keep your eyes peeled on this space for my hot take on the latest Star Wars movie coming at you this weekend. (With much thanks to friend and Deacon Steven Greydanus of Decent Films for getting me in to an early screening.  There are benefits to living in Manhattan.) But until then, enjoy this SPOILER FREE post below, with answers to some of your burning questions: Is it any good? It’s fairly solid. … Read more

“Why are so many artists progressives?” my dear friends who blog under Darwin Catholic asked a while ago.  Adding the usual follow-up question: “Where have all the Catholic artists gone?” It’s a good question, and one that’s brought up every few months or so, along with the corollary question of: “So, what is Catholic art anyway?” Mr. Darwin’s question spurred a lengthy and fruitful Facebook thread, with several Catholic non-artists postulating a lot about What Sort Of Person would become… Read more

Annually, the glittering elite of Hollywood gather in New York City for their own private themed Halloween extravaganza that we call the Met Gala.  The event, ostensibly a party thrown to celebrate a new exhibit, is more obviously remarkable for the competing costumes on display: lavish, outrageous, impractical, and loads of fun. For those who hate red carpets and find Angelina Jolie’s Oscar-worthy leg a source of downright sin – well, get your pearls ready for the clutching because the… Read more

Warning: So many spoilers.  For the whole MCU.  Probably. If you were thinking about beginning your Marvel movie watching with Avengers: Infinity War, allow me to say: don’t.  It would be akin to watching a certain crock pot episode of This Is Us without context.  Or the end of season 5 of Buffy without knowing what came before.  Or, well, being that person who walks into the living room right at the end of the movie and starts asking questions…. Read more

I did not consent to my first kiss. I complied. You can read the comical take on it here, but the gist of the story is that I was cast in a kissing role my senior year of high school.  Now, I was eager to kiss in general, and was even eager to kiss in the context of the play… But I was not expecting to suddenly, embarrassingly, and publicly be told one day to give away my first kiss… Read more

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