Goldfinches, Lilies, and Elections

I’m really not very political and just barely politically correct.  But still, I wonder what the results will be of the upcoming presidential and state elections, and also the local proposals. I try to make informed decisions but tend to give up about half way through the learning curve, feeling less illuminated than when I [Read More...]

Private Garden Prayers

Gardening at home is a private thing; it’s when I look really bad and after a lot of it, smell even worse. It is something I have always done alone…for more than the obvious above-mentioned reasons. It feels similar to being in the Adoration chapel, and a time of intimate conversation with God. In the [Read More...]


I look at my gardens in despair. The seeds of fox-tail grass and tall Queen Ann’s Lace are ripe and are falling into the flower beds. The perennials that survived the severe summer drought have gone dormant, their dull wilted leaves lay against other plants and fallen branches from the locust tree. The Brown-eyed Susan’s are dried [Read More...]


I feel like a little violet among the mighty oaks. I am delighted and honored to be a part of the Catholic Channel at Patheos. And thanks to Hillary, I have a lovely new banner. I would like to share with you this quote by Thomas Merton that I read each day before I begin [Read More...]

Autumn Prayers

Images by Margaret Rose Realy, Obl. OSB. All rights reserved.

  Autumn moves in with its usual quiet grace. I took note the other day that the shrubs and trees have become peppered with color. I smile to myself and think of my own autumn-of-life with hair becoming peppered gray—and the next thing I knew, almost white! I had changed and like the trees, in [Read More...]