Barren Ground

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Had I still been using a typewriter, there would be a pile of balled up, partially typed pages surrounding my desk. I thought I had a good piece written, but then not quite. It was reworked, altered, I paraphrased another writer, tried to add wit which only seemed forced, moved paragraphs…no, lead sentences…no…start again. I [Read More...]

Managing Your Seeding Addiction: Practical Gardening Series


I love seed catalogs, they evoke such hope! I peek at them quickly as they come into the house then set them in a basket next to my reading table. When I have a block of time, which is easier to find in the winter, I pick up the stack and snuggle into my chair. [Read More...]

Everything Went Dark


It was another one of those sleepless nights. I was in my upstairs flat, a small three room living area, and decided to make some tea when the lights went out. It was pitch black, too dark for even shadows to fall. Groping and stubbing toes, I swept one hand back and forth in front [Read More...]

Unexpected Warmth

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Looking ahead into the new year of 2013, I’ve pulled a reflection from my latest book Cultivating God’ Garden through Lent. From the past I share a lesson of timing. Unexpected Warmth (Wednesday of the First Week of Lent) New Years Day 2011 Leaning against the dented aluminum siding near the back door were snow [Read More...]