Increments of Evil

I wrote about how both God and Satan work incrementally.

Not so long ago I came upon this quote in the book, Song of the Sparrow by Murray Bodo, OFM:

We drift away from God so easily; not fast but easily. And before we know it, we are far downstream from God trying desperately to break our acceleration and reverse our direction.

Then the other day a friend sent this from YouTube across my Facebook feed…

YouTube Preview Image

As a Benedictine, I/we are called to be pray-ers in the world. And I do pray–for people by name, for groups and their causes, for our near-sighted government, and for our world where the infection of evil is spreading.

I don’t know that I can pray hard enough, fast long enough, suffer deep enough to even slow the momentum of decline…I can only hope that the Lord hears us, and helps us.



  • Maggie Goff

    Oh, do I identify with this. Wonderful post.

    • Margaret Rose Realy

      Thanks Maggie…and thanks for sharing it.