We Can’t Breathe: An African-American Muslim Mother Speaks

Mahasin's son Aadam Ibrahim Aleem in the garden, doing for self.

I thought I was doing a good job compartmentalizing recent events until I couldn’t sleep for several nights in a row. The deepest recesses of my being just wouldn’t allow it. My soul was too busy trying to make sense of the evils ravaged against my peoples. [Read more...]

I am Proud to be of Christian and Muslim Heritage

Precious Rasheeda Muhammad at the 2009 Parliament of the World's Religions, held in Melbourne, Australia.

Muslim History Detective’s log, 08/13/14: In researching my family history, I recently learned that one set of great-great grandparents, on my mother’s side, owned land in South Carolina that has been in our family for over a century. Though I did not know it until recently, I among the heirs of this land. There is [Read More...]

Make it Plain: The Truth about the Muslims Called Bilalians

Sultaan Abdul Hamed. Founder's Day at Mohammed Schools of Atlanta (K-12). Dressed as Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, for which the high school is named.

By Precious Rasheeda Muhammad and Guest Co-Author Mahasin Abuwi Aleem* We read a well-meaning article recently, by Chaplain Bilal Ansari, which misrepresented the history of the American Muslim community that once referred to themselves as “Bilalians.” We co-authored this piece to correct the most problematic inaccuracies. Going forward, we will also be co-curating a documentary [Read More...]

The American President and the Muslim Sister in the Majestic Purple Headdress

Sister Amatullah Sharif

Muslim History Detective’s log, 2/28/14 Just four or five rows behind President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton, the Muslim woman sat, adorned in a majestically wrapped and hued purple headdress. The color crowned her glowing brown skin, completing her worthily. I had not been looking for her. I did not even know she [Read More...]

An African Muslim Prince Goes to Boston in 1828

Abdul Rahman Ibrahima ibn Sori

Muslim History Detective’s log, 2/26/2014 On a jubilant Boston afternoon in August of 1828, David Walker – an African-American merchant, civil rights activist and fierce abolitionist – delivered an intense toast at a banquet in honor of Abdul Rahman Ibrahima ibn Sori, a West-African born Muslim and prince who had been enslaved in the United States [Read More...]

2014 Black History Month Reflections: Imam W.D. Mohammed on Religious Freedom

imam mohammed community life

(NB: During this Black History Month, I aim to write a few short pieces focusing on events connected to Muslims of black African descent who have contributed to the American religious and historical landscape in a significant way.) Muslim History Detective’s log, February 5, 2014 On June 25, 1988, Imam Warith Deen Mohammed attended the [Read More...]

Muslims in the House: A History Lesson Born from a Prayer in Congress

Jefferson's "original rough draft" of the Declaration of Independence. Note: Jefferson was born approximately 13 years after Job's enslavement in America began.

Muslim History Detective’s log, 08/7/13 TALIB SHAREEF, a retired U.S. Air Force veteran and imam of Washington, DC’s Masjid Muhammad, eloquently delivered the opening prayer during last Wednesday’s session of the U.S. House of Representatives. What a refreshing sight to behold during the final few days of the blessed month of Ramadan. At one point, [Read More...]