Professional Integrity in Uncertain Times, Part II

Once again, though it seems like the times they are a-changing, someone is calling for his professional colleagues to stick to their profession's ethical guidelines.A psychiatrist who literally wrote the definition and diagnostic criteria for one of the many mental health disorders our current president is accused of having has pointedly asked armchair diagnosticians to knock it off.Physicians and psychiatrists have always, rightly, been leery of diagnosing people whom they have not … [Read more...]

Professional Integrity in Uncertain Times

Professional integrity seems a straightforward matter, but it isn't always. Many professions, organizations, and industries are currently in the midst of a period of--let us put it as mildly as possible--uncertainty.As a new administration attempts to seize the moment, enacting sweeping and sometimes confusing policies, people may suddenly find themselves confused about or needing to make sweeping changes to their business or employment practices.In such turbulent times, having a strong … [Read more...]

Conscientiousness Matters: He Who is Faithful in a Very Little Thing

February always feels like a post-mortem on the prior year. I'm wrapping up job-related paperwork and evaluations and preparing to begin to think about starting a plan for gearing up to confront my 2016 tax return.It's always the month I most desire to change my record-keeping habits. If I were more conscientious attending to the details during the year, pulling together these year-end documents would be easier.But diligence in the details is, for some professions, a much more serious … [Read more...]

FWO: Whatsoever You Do, Don’t Apologize

My dear women-friends, I have some unasked-for advice to give you. And I'm not sorry for it.Because that's my advice: whatsoever you do, don't apologize for it.Do not apologize for not baking cupcakes. "I don't bake" does not require an "I'm sorry, but" before it.Nor for baking cupcakes. "Here, I brought cupcakes!" needs no "I know this is not feminist, but" to make people okay with it, or with you.Don't apologize for missing class or work. Show up to class or work, unless … [Read more...]

An Emotional Savings Account

I offer notice but no apologies for the language quoted and linked herein. What's shocking is what abusive men are allowed to get away with, not what language women use to articulate their rage at what men are allowed to get away with.Several months ago, a lovely piece made the rounds, advocating a decidedly conventional position for a surprisingly progressive reason: You Need a Fuck-Off FundYes, friends, a woman needs to protect herself from men in any number of ways, including … [Read more...]

Locker Room Talk at the Workplace

I've only once ever been subject to the kind of talk that made me fear for my physical safety at work.I was in a male-dominated workplace, but so had I been my entire adult life up until then.I had never worked in a purely non-Christian environment before, though. All of my workplaces until then were either frankly or vestigially Christian, even those that were ostensibly secular.This was a hobby store for a male-dominated hobby, but not the sort where you had to wear bunny costumes … [Read more...]

Game-Changing Openers: “You deserve to have your name pronounced correctly.”

I just discovered this semester that I've been doing something wrong--or at least not very right--for a long time.First day of class roll call always involves a bit of awkwardness as I'm learning to pronounce people's names, particularly as the number of naming cultures in this country grows and as naming conventions become less and less standardized in general.Having once been in class with an undergrad professor who was less gracious about this than he thought he was (whose "Oh, what … [Read more...]

Al Roker Is The Bomb

Brock Turner's father, whose legitimate parental desire to keep his son out of prison led him to say some stupid and wrong things, did not come up with those stupid and wrong things out of nowhere.Brock Turner's expectation that he could avoid punishment for a felony did not come out of nowhere.Judge Aaron Persky did not, one day, wake up and decide, out of nowhere, that nice white athletes like himself probably shouldn't really be penalized for felonies like sexual assault.And the … [Read more...]

Fathers Are Allowed to Say Stupid Things on Their Sons’ Behalf.

It is a father's job to want the best for his child, to believe the best of his child, to advocate for his child even sometimes to the detriment of good sense.What Brock Turner did was evil as well as criminal, but I can't say I'd be any more willing than his father to see one of my sons punished to the fullest extent of the law. I can't manage to work up any moral outrage at his admittedly ludicrous evaluation of his son's situation.His arguments are bad, and bad for society, and must … [Read more...]

Quadrennial Professionalism Reminder

I wrote this on my family blog way back when there were still young people on Facebook, and I still imagined myself one of them.Now that only old people are on Facebook (or visit family blogs), it's even more relevant: your boss/tenure committee/mother-in-law probably HAS found it by now.So, with apologies to Moses, King James, and the Almighty, I offer:The Ten Commandments of Facebooking1. Thou shalt not post anything thou wouldn’t want thy mother-in-law, thy tenure committee, … [Read more...]