The War on Girls: No More Gender-Based Abortions in America!

The Kansas Coalition for Life has started a petition against sex-selected abortions.

You can find it here:

No More Gender-Based Abortions in America! 

  • annedesa

    I am shocked to read that there are gender based abortions the USA!

    I thought it happened only in India…

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Unfortunately, it happens here too.

      • annedesa

        And for what reason? Don’t want a girl child cos she’s a burden?

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          I think that sex-selected abortion as a phenomena is one of the many evils that come of misogyny when it is combined with a willingness to select groups of people and say that their lives are forfeit if we so chose; in this case abortion on demand which says that all people younger than a certain age may be killed with impunity.

          Studies show that certain ethnic groups in this country and in parts of Europe, as well as the general population in parts of Asia and India, have a disproportionately low number of baby girls. That is one indicator of sex-selected abortion being practiced on a large scale. If you look at the videos on this blog, you’ll notice that the Planned Parenthood counselors readily say that this is not the first time someone has come to them for an abortion because their baby was a girl.

          As to what causes large numbers of people to murder their own children for any reason, including simply because they are girls, well, I suppose one place to begin would be with the obvious fact that this is profoundly evil behavior.

          You take it from there.

  • abcinsc

    Reblogged this on The Peanut Gallery and commented:
    “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1.27

    • Rebecca Hamilton


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  • Beverly

    Thanks, Rebecca! I’ve signed, scooped, tweeted, facebooked, and reblogged. Hopefully, this will generate a few more signatures or at least create greater awareness.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Beverly! Blessings.

  • fiveonly

    Thanks for standing up for the rights of the unborn. It’s bad enough that those who propagate these crimes against unborn infants use the excuse of helping poor women (which is a smoke screen), but it’s even more sickening when this crime is now being committed when the mother simply doesn’t care for the gender of the infant. This is no different that the murder of female babies born alive in the orient because some of those cultures don’t value women. Keep it up, Rebecca, protecting the innocent is the most basic responsibility of our republic!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you.