Bi-Polar Extremism and the Universal Church

Joanne K. McPortland over at Egregious Twaddle had a few things to say yesterday about the superficial distinctions that we allow to divide us. These useless criteria tear at the unity of the Body of Christ in general and the Catholic Church in particular. They can make a mockery of Christ’s prayer that we “all may be one.” They also make us easy prey for the galloping secularism that seeks to push religious thought and religious expression out of the public square.

I could go on.

And on.

But Joanne says it so much better:

“The more I stewed in my rile, though, the more I recognized what really made me angry is the ease by which we Catholics have allowed ourselves to be reduced to this kind of stereotyping—and then played against one another as a consequence. “Social justice Catholic” (“the side of Catholicism that says take care of the poor and the oppressed”). “Family values Catholic” (“the side of Catholicism that says no to abortion”). These are not just handy MSM memes. They are, increasingly and frighteningly, the labels we ourselves pick up and apply to our lapels, our bumper stickers, and our minds.”

Read the rest of her post, The Great Both/And, here.

  • joannemcportland

    Thank you, Rebecca! I do think that your previous post on the rise of hostility toward religion in America makes it imperative that we be less hostile toward one another. Of course I have to start with myself, so that takes prayer. :)

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank YOU Joanne for this fine, brave post!

  • Mr. V.

    Good post, Rebecca. Another term I can’t stand is the so-called Cafeteria Catholic. One is either Catholic or not Catholic. Everyone is going to have aspects of our beliefs as Catholics that they will have problems with. We all have challenges in our faith. That doesn’t mean we get to throw out the parts we don’t like. We need more priests and bishops with real fire, who will not allow their parishioners to act in that manner.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I agree.

  • Jessica Hoff

    Great post – and a strong plea not to accept the doublespeak of the enemies if the Church.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thanks Jessica.