Democrats to Dolan Redux: Well, All Right …

I have no way to know for sure. But I am guessing that the Democrats got smart this weekend and decided to put an end to the Dolan Prayer Fight in what was about the tenth round.

After being roasted and toasted for ignoring the Cardinal’s offer to pray at their convention, the Dems have announced that they are, indeed, going to allow equal-time praying when they gather to officially nominate President Obama as their 2012 candidate for President.

Smart move, btw. No point in handing the other guy a knife, especially when you know he knows so very well how to use it.

What this means is that we will have matching Dolans offering up equal time prayers at each of the party conventions.

The Dems are also planning to have “Nuns on a Bus” Sister Simone Campbell, the head of NETWORK, a sister’s political advocacy group, speak at their convention.

I predict that both parties will be unmoved by the praying and exhorting from these two Catholic leaders. I expect the Republicans to continue liquidating the American economy to hand the proceeds to multinational corporations and the Democrats to keep on with their never-met-an-abortion-we-don’t-like, same-sex-marriage war on the sanctity of human life and traditional values.

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  • Manny

    Obviously they looked at the polls and decided it was not in their best interest. Does this change their position on abortion and the HHS mandate? No.

    May I ask how are Republicans “liquidating the American economy to hand the proceeds to multinational corporations”? I mean really.

    • Neenergyobsever

      Manny, the difinitive answer will have to come from Ms. Hamilton but, I don’t think she means republicans like me out here in the heartland any more than she means democrats lke her. Both party establishments have become overwhelmingy corrupt.

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        Nope. I don’t. I’m talking about the core groups (sort of star chambers) who control both parties. There’s real ugliness there, in BOTH of them.
        Now. I’m going to sit on my hands so I don’t talk for a while and let you guys discuss things. You do better without me.

        • Manny

          First, you did single out Republicans, which i was going to counter with that just sounds like “slogan/hate-voting.”

          But more germain to the issue: Even if it’s both parties, you’re accusing people of betraying the American people and the nation. That borderlines conspiracy theory. I don’t believe good legislatures of either party does that. Helping corporations which in turn provide jobs is a complex issue that. I know the thrust is for free trade. Economists swear that helps the country in the long run. Bill Clinton was a big advocate. I’m going to defer to economists.

          • Neenergyobsever

            I think that was a device to make the point. And while dems are just as guilty on the liquidating clause, and repubs are only better in degree on abortion. Remember we are talking about the establishments here.
            I suppose you could say she is, and you could also say that I emphatically do. reread her “Stop Slogan Voting” series, she is exactly on point with what I know to be true in Nebraska, and what I see in Washington.

          • Manny

            Excuse my choppy grammar. I was multi tasking when I shot that reply. I think my point can be made out.

  • Karyl Entner

    I read somewhere, I think FB, that the Dems have invited Muslims in the area to a 2 hour prayer vigil? I wonder if they didn’t invite themselves. So, I am glad to hear of the “equal time” issue with the praying. I’ve been keeping my eye on C-SPAN today with RNC coverage which I like: no commentary, make up one’s onw mind — and whle a Jewish Rabbi opened in prayer, people were walking around talking. Arrgghhh. It just comes down to pandering, and that is sad, regardless of the political party. BTW, I agree with Manny. Good points.

    • Neenergyobsever

      Sure have, call to prayer in front of an American flag and all. And from what I read they’re radical islamists too, not the moderates. Unfortunately Cardinal Dolan is a bowing to pressure, very good man that he his.

      • Dan F.

        I don’t see extending the offer to provide a benediction as bowing to pressure, quite the opposite in fact. My sincere hope is that his benediction will be short and sweet and to the point: “That all of our politicians will put the highest value on human life from conception till natural death; that care for the poor, the widow and the orphan will be a driving force in our politics (whether you think government programs or through economic renewal will be best), for an end to pre-emptive war and assasinations, for an end to torture even if used for supposedly good ends.” And let all the people say “Amen!”

        Mostly I hope that he simply blesses both parties with Truth (which to those who prefer darkness will be received as a curse) and that that now extremely public and visible ray of Truth pulls many hearts out of darkness and into the light.