Prayers for the Family Research Council: My Comrades in the Culture Wars

I would guess that the person who showed up at the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington DC today with Chick-Fil-A materials, ammo, a gun and what appear to be very bad intentions is a hate-filled nut.

Does that about cover it? I hope so. Because I am not going to waste one more virtual word on this person.

I will say that I am very grateful in an almost personal way to the security guard who stepped up and stopped what might very well have been yet another tragic shooting. Bless him. I pray for his full recovery and long happy life.

I have partnered with the Family Research Council on legislation in the past, and I hope to do so again. They are great people who have zero problems crossing the Democrat-Republican divide to help a pro-life Okie pass pro-life legislation. I’m not going to mention any of their names here because I don’t think it would be a kind thing to do under these circumstances.

Another thing I am not going to do is start pointing fingers at everybody from the President of the United States to the doorman at Fox News in an attempt to blame them for something they obviously did not do. These horrible acts of violence against innocent people are tragedies. They are not opportunities for political demagoguery.

My prayers go with my friends at the Family Research Council. I’ve been thinking about you all day. I know that you are going to have trouble sleeping tonight, and that you will re-live this like a tape going in front of your eyes for a while. Just talk it out with your friends, hug your loved ones and say your prayers. It gets better in time.

Also, hug that security guard for me, will you?

He saved your lives. He also saved me and the rest of the world from losing you.

  • Francis

    Pray for the hate-filled nut too, that God may shower him with graces and bring him to knowledge of His beloved Son.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Francis, thank you for adding this. I agree.

  • Nikunj

    These sordid events and shootings of hapless people are creating havoc worldwide. I am thankful to the securitynguard and people like youmwho are creating awareness without dramatising anything . Long live the peace ….amen.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you.

  • Mary Christine

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for not demonizing anyone.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Mary Christine, I try my best never to do that to anyone. It’s a sin and a cruelty. Thank you for your kind comment.

  • Adrienne

    Thank you for a very interesting read. I am in agreement with you on the way you’ve looked at this.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Adrienne. I’m glad you enjoyed it.