Go Oklahoma! Hobby Lobby Files Against HHS Mandate

I know Hobby Lobby well.

Back my homeschooling days, it was my home away from home.

Hobby Lobby defies a simple description. Christian-based Hobby Lobby is an office supply/book/homeschooling supply/music/video/art store for Christians. If you're looking for a great choice of Bible translations, a Christian statue for your garden or the best math book for your homeschool, Hobby Lobby has it. Their supply of Christian music is superb, as are their videos, especially for children.

I've spent many happy hours wandering the aisles at my local Hobby Lobby. Two of my Catholic Bibles came from there, along with a lot of Christmas decorations and homeschooling supplies.

Hobby Lobby's brows-ability is one of it's best points. A Christian can spend hours wandering the aisles and soaking up the freedom of being in a place where no one is going to shock your sensibilities or insult your faith. You can enjoy the whole day there and never encounter a single Christian-bashing word. I sometimes go to Hobby Lobby, just to kill time. I almost always end up walking out with a purchase.

I love the place.

When I read that Hobby Lobby had filed suit against the HHS Mandate, it seemed personal; as if a beloved family member had announced they were standing with me in a time of trouble. That's how close I feel to my Church in this struggle for religious freedom, and how much a part of my shopping life Hobby Lobby has been. The Christian Post story about their lawsuit reads in part:

Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., a privately held retail chain with 22,500 employees led by a Christian family, filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma, opposing the Health and Human Services “preventive services” mandate, the company announced Wednesday. The company becomes the largest and only non-Catholic-owned business to file a lawsuit against the government's contraception mandate.

The company's CEO and founder, David Green, said Wednesday that the mandate would force the Christian-owned-and-operated business to provide, without co-pay, the “morning after pill” and “week after pill” in their health insurance plan, or face crippling fines up to 1.3 million dollars per day.

We simply cannot abandon our religious beliefs and comply with this mandate,” Green said during a teleconference press meeting. “We know that we have been blessed by God's grace and believe it is because we have chosen to live our lives and to operate our business according to His Word and we are very grateful for that. But our faith is being challenged by the federal government.”

Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/hobby-lobby-first-evangelical-led-business-files-lawsuit-against-hhs-mandate-81539/#avyFlW7OthoKWaRX.99


If you live near a Hobby Lobby, stop by and tell them thanks. If you don't, say a prayer for them and their continued witness for Christ.


  • Becca

    I was just at Hobby Lobby last night, buying supplies for my youngest son’s school project. I LOVE Hobby Lobby. Love. It. In no rush, I took a leisurely stroll around the store, enjoying the music.

    I believe a Christian company here in Colorado successfully challenged and won in court against the HHS mandate. Will be praying that the same will happen with Hobby Lobby.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I heard about the company in Colorado. I hope more Christian companies follow their lead and that of Hobby Lobby.

  • http://theshepherdspresence.wordpress.com Karyl Entner

    As your post earlier today, I’ll hit the share button on fb. In our city, Hobby Lobby is about a mile from JoAnn fabric and it is well worth the mile on down the road to be in a wonderful environment of Hobby Lobby. I usually buy my hand stitching projects there. Like CFA, they are closed on Sunday and have not financially suffered for that. I’m glad they have a “local gal” on their side on this issue too. As always, Rebecca, Keep on Keeping on!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Karyl, Hobby Lobby and businesses like them are proof that you don’t have to sell your soul to succeed.

  • http://www.thresholdofheaven.com Peter

    Hi Rebecca,

    It is good to see a Christian business standing up in the name of Christ. My prayer is with them.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I know Peter. I was so glad to see them do this.

  • Neil Baltazor

    When I heard this, I wanted to stand up and cheer for Hobby Lobby! I hope that many of the other christian businesses across this great state of Oklaooma and across this country stand up and do the same. We must continue the fight for our religious freedom. Rebecca, you are truly a great leader! Keep it up my friend!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Neil.

  • Bob Seidensticker

    However free the exercise of religion may be, it must be subordinate to the criminal laws of the country.

    That is part of the opinion of the Supreme Court in Davis v. Beason (1890). Our Constitution is secular, and “that’s inconvenient to my religion” doesn’t work as an excuse.

    • http://nebraskaenergyobserver.wordpress.com neenergyobserver

      Ah, Interesting quote. There is a major difference between “that’s inconvenient to my religion” which might govern the setback of a building from the street and emphatic doctrine that has been a major part of the Christian Church for 2000 years. The applicable phrase is: “Congress shall make no law that infringes the freedom of religion …” which trumps any Supreme Court decision easily.

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        Great answer!

  • http://www.keeplifelegal.com Rev. Katherine Marple

    I was sooooooooo happy to see an Evangelical business stepping up! I have spoken at our last two Stand UP for Religious Freedom rallies and being the only Evangelical I tried to get across to the crowd that the mandate affects all religions, not just Catholics. My concern for our First Amendment rights is more than just this mandate mess but now how we would approach Islam since the murders in Libya; freedom of speech and religion is going to be tested more than ever.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Great comment, Rev Katherine. Thanks for your great work.

  • Theresa

    Fantastic. I hope their suit is successful! I will be praying.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thanks Theresa.

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