Oh, Puleeez: Pastor from My Neighborhood Opposes Hobby Lobby’s HHS Lawsuit

I was perusing the other blogs here at Patheos when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a post on Get Religion that contained a blurb about a news story concerning the pastor of a Nazarene church that’s about … ummmmm … eight blocks or so from my house.

It seems that Pastor Lance Schmitz, of the Capitol Hill Church of the Nazarene, delivered a nationally-based petition to the Hobby Lobby headquarters here in Oklahoma City. The petition protested Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit against the HHS Mandate. According to an Associated Press story I read, the petition was circulated by an on-line group called Faithful America, along with another group called Ultra Violet.

Faithful America’s website looks to be one of those hit sites that tries to co-opt the message of the gospel to support one side of the culture wars. In their case, it appears to be the side that favors same-sex marriage, abortion, etc.  According to themselves, they “speak for mainstream America.”

The AP article says that UltraViolet “promotes women’s rights.” According to their web site they are affiliated with MoveOn.org. Their director is formerly with People for the American Way.

So far as I know, the Pastor at the Capitol Hill Church of the Nazarene represents himself, and maybe the people of his flock. This is a very small church with only a few members.

So, what does a teeny-tiny, itty-bitty Nazarene Church in a neighborhood where people are more concerned with drive-by shootings, bad schools and making it to the end of the month than on-line petitions have to do with these two national groups? 

I dunno.

All I know is that I can say without much hesitation that this minister does not speak for most of the people in the neighborhood he is trying to pastor. In fact, I’ll go a step further and say that a good many of them would disagree with him and feel alienated by his actions. I can also say that I doubt if David Green, the President of Hobby Lobby, is going to cry himself to sleep tonight over this petition.

I’m not questioning this pastor’s sincerity or good intentions. I’m assuming he had a good time, delivering the petition. But if he wants to grow a church in that neighborhood with a membership beyond the size of what would fill a child’s clubhouse, he might re-think aligning himself with outsiders that most of the people there are bound to regard as their enemies.

  • http://nebraskaenergyobserver.wordpress.com neenergyobserver

    Do you have courses down there for remedial reading of constitutional amendments down there? Seems like we have some pastors up here, and in far larger churches than that,that have major problems in understanding freedom of religion as well. Jeeez.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      If I still feel like it tomorrow, I’m going to take a photo of that church and put it on this post. I’m debating. I don’t want to diss the church, and a photo would do that. On the other hand, I’d like to show just how itty bitty it is.

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        Another thought: What these pastors don’t seem to understand is that one day, it will be them. The Neimoller thing: Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.

        • http://theshepherdspresence.wordpress.com Karyl Entner

          A wolf in sheep’s clothing? Wait–apparently this fellow is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Yikes! Jesus said, If you are not for me, you are against me. I’d say, Jesus would certainly be for the preservation of religious rights. What a misguided person. Yet, there is reason the Bible warns about false prophets. BTW, I shopped in Hobby Lobby just this week. Went right past Michael’s to get there!

          • Rebecca Hamilton

            LOL !!
            “A wolf in sheep’s clothing? Wait–apparently this fellow is a sheep in wolf’s clothing.”

            I’m going to find a reason to go buy something at Hobby Lobby tomorrow. :-)

        • http://nebraskaenergyobserver.wordpress.com neenergyobserver

          Exactly, which, of course, is why so many of us are falling into ranks with you now. Mostly what we all needed is leadership, which your bishops have been providing admirably, now to wake our hierarchies up.

  • willduquette

    Seems like a very odd thing for a Nazarene pastor to do, based on the Nazarenes I have know.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I’ve been getting emails from local Nazarenes who are saying the same thing, only perhaps a wee bit more forcefully. :-)

  • http://www.mobilecrisis.org Homelesscrisis

    many times i have found with Pastors and churches etc it is always best to leave it up to God and or request God to take care of the situation in HIS manner per HIS will. I have gotten myself so caught up in these types of issues at times it has caused too much turmoil within me. That is satan simply performing his distraction techniques. ON A SIDE NOTE: Since you switched from WordPress i no longer get notifications on your articles/blogs. Is there a way for me to get them from Patheos here? Thank you for your likes and view Ms. Hamilton. I always enjoy your blogs and writings also.

    • http://nebraskaenergyobserver.wordpress.com neenergyobserver

      Homelesscrisis, I’ll take on your side note, Feed burner works fine except that’s it’s a daily compendium, I found I was always late to the party, which bugs me. I went about the time Rebecca moved here to Google Reader for nearly all my subscriptions. In addition the RSS gives you, usually, the first paragraph or so.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I think you can subscribe with your email in the box over on the right side of the page. Friends of mine tell me that you will get a daily update of what I’ve posted that day at about midnight each night. If it doesn’t work, come back and let me know.

  • http://nebraskaenergyobserver.wordpress.com neenergyobserver

    Well, Rebecca, I stumbled across some more, this will be my morning post post but here’s the link
    I guess we’d best stop chuckling about this pastor, he’s got help from the national council of Churches and Soros.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I think we can continue chuckling about the pastor. The rest of these folks are pretty much what you’d expect. Does this mean that they are threatened by Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit (ie, they think it might succeed) or it is just more of the attack every Christian anywhere who stands for their beliefs?

      I’m going to go buy something at Hobby Lobby tomorrow.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I can’t find original sources for this, just news sources referencing each other. Do you have an original source from National Council of Churches opposing the HHS mandate, supporting this petition or even supporting Faithful Action (whatever that is)? I can’t write about this based on this one story; not when I can find sources to support its contentions. I did find Ultra Violet’s web site, thanks to this.

      • http://nebraskaenergyobserver.wordpress.com neenergyobserver

        I don’t, but will look, also.

      • http://nebraskaenergyobserver.wordpress.com neenergyobserver

        Hi again, Rebecca,
        You certainly have a point. There’s not much out there is there. Here’s what I found, except us repeating each other


        [ from reading their website, they are distinctly liberal (not to say radically left wing) but, as usual, no indication of their funding]


        Pastors To Deliver Petitions to Hobby Lobby

        Earlier this month, Hobby Lobby filed a federal lawsuit challenging a mandate in the nation’s health care overhaul law that requires employers to provide coverage for the morning-after pill and similar drugs. Faithful America’s petition urges Hobby Lobby officials not to use their Christian beliefs to deny women access to birth control. Petition signers vow not to shop at Hobby Lobby until the lawsuit is dropped.

        Read more from the Associated Press at

        If I find more, I’ll let you know.

        I know we’re paranoid but, are we paranoid enough?


        • Rebecca Hamilton

          “I know we’re paranoid but, are we paranoid enough?” LOL

          • http://nebraskaenergyobserver.wordpress.com neenergyobserver

            :-) I’m letting mine sit a bit too, i think it’s so but, the information is very thin.

            • Rebecca Hamilton

              Same here. I would like to track back the original petition and see who posted it and where. I’d also like to read it. I can’t find it. Let me know if you have any luck.

  • Doyle Duvall

    One must obey God rather than man. There are those who think that Romans 13th. chapter means that you must owe your allegiance to the Government but God does not contradict Himself. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path. Prov. 23:23 says to buy the truth and sell it not. One might have to make payments of somekind the rest of their life on taking that stance but the end result will be the best. Ask yourself; “To whom am I accountable to”?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Doyle, I agree.

    • http://fpb.livejournal.com/ Fabio P.Barbieri

      Socrates: “Athenians, [fell0w-citizens'], I love you and I respect you, but I will obey God, rather than you.”
      Thomas More: “I die the King’s faithful subject, but God’s first.”
      Elijah Lovejoy (American abolitionist; his last speech, spoken four days before his murder): “It is not true, as has been charged upon me, that I hold in contempt the feelings and sentiments of this community, in reference to the question which is now agitating it. I respect and appreciate the feelings and opinions of my fellow-citizens, and it is one of the most painful and unpleasant duties of my life, that I am called upon to act in opposition to them. If you suppose, sir, that I have published sentiments contrary to those generally held in this community, because I delighted in differing from them, or in occasioning a disturbance, you have entirely misapprehended me. But, sir, while I value the good opinion of my fellow-citizens, as highly as any one, I may be permitted to say, that I am governed by higher considerations than either the favor or the fear of man. I am impelled to the course I have taken, because I fear God. As I shall answer it to my God in the great day, I dare not abandon my sentiments, or cease in all proper ways to propagate them.”

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        Fabio, I hadn’t heard the quote from Elijah Lovejoy. Thanks for sharing these.

  • Ted Seeber

    Heck, if he’s for murdering the unborn, I downright question his commitment to Christianity and Christ! I do not find the pro-choice side to the debate to be consistent with the Gospel at all.