Bad Boss Contest: Fired for Escaping an Armed Robber

Arby’s just went off my list of places to buy lunch.

No one can accuse Maria Archer of being a job hopper. She has worked for Arby’s for 23 years. The Fairborn Ohio Arby’s where she worked has been robbed three times in the last six months, and she didn’t quit.

Arby’s did not install alarms, security cameras or hire protection for their much-robbed location. They did, however, seek to enforce a “safety” rule that no employee should be in the building alone. Evidently Maria Archer broke that rule by staying late to close the restaurant last Friday. About 1 am the doorbell rang. She thought it was her co-worker who has just left and answered the door.

Instead of her co-worker, she was confronted by a man with a knife who tried to push her into a corner. She somehow managed to push the man away and escape through the drive-through window. Her thought: “I’m not going to die at Arby’s tonight. I’m just not.”

Arby’s response to all this? When Ms Archer returned for work, they fired her for violating their “safety rule.”

“I just never thought this would happen to me. Especially since my life was a stake.” Ms Archer told a local reporter.

Frankly, I can’t imagine returning to work after what she went through last Friday. This lady’s loyalty to Arby’s is way beyond anything I would have felt. But then, the first of the three previous robberies would probably have been enough for me.

As I said, Arby’s is off my sandwich for lunch list. This is just one more incentive to go to Chick-Fil-A for my fast food.


  • Mr. V.

    Well, that Arby’s store will doubtlessly learn what it’s lost, because they have shown all the other employees that even if there’s still a lot of work to be done, well, the safety rule is inviolate and no matter how much of a mess there is or what paperwork needs to be done, one can’t stay if the others have gone. The morning shift will just have a lot of catchup work to do before they can start the normal work for their shift.

    Personally, I would leave all the catchup work for the managers. After all, it’s because of their rule and their enforcement of it that there’s leftover work from the night before to begin with. So, let them roll up their sleeves and knock it out.

    I wonder what the managers would have done if Maria had left with the other co-worker and left all the work needing to be done for the next day’s crew?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I think Maria was an assistant manager. Maybe Arby’s thinks she should have just left the place a mess. I’ll be they would have fired her for THAT. I would think a 23-year employee should have value. After all, people who show up, do the job and stick around even with armed robbers are pretty valuable.

      • neenergyobserver

        “After all, people who show up, do the job and stick around even with armed robbers are pretty valuable.”
        Very much so, and I have strong doubts that she was paid anywhere near her worth to the company, there are far too few employees who will stay with one company for a career. In addition, that action is an outstanding way to make sure that nobody in the organization had any loyalty whatsoever. This type of nonsense has killed more businesses than competition ever has, which is as it should be. Good luck to Maria, I hope she find a career with a company that will show her the loyalty she deserves.

        Oh, and hello Wendy’s! (No Chik-Fil-A withing 250 miles of here!)

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          Well said, from a business owner who knows.

      • Mr. V.

        Amen. I just can’t understand the thinking of some people. Here you have an employee who stays late to get everything done, by herself in a dangerous neighborhood, and instead of commending her for her dedication, or at the very least, expressing concern and thankfulness for her well-being after escaping from a dangerous situation, her boss just tells her ‘You’re fired.”

        The manager has already proven he doesn’t care two cents for his employees safety. His so-called safety rule is useless. Having two people on site as opposed to one in a bad neighborhood does absolutely nothing to lower the chances of an intrusion or other violent incident.

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          I noticed this, too. That would just mean two victims.
          “His so-called safety rule is useless. Having two people on site as opposed to one in a bad neighborhood does absolutely nothing to lower the chances of an intrusion or other violent incident.”

  • Mr. V.

    Rebecca, I agree with your sentiments about Arby’s. The only thing that might change my mind is whether or not this was an independent Arby’s franchise, or completely part of the national chain. If it is a locally owned franchise, that might explain the unwillingness of the manager to cough up the dough to improve the security of the place.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      That’s worth investigating.

  • Daniel Undem

    Wow. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I had no idea they fired people for actually doing their job.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      It is confounding, isn’t it?

  • Dave

    I don’t eat fast food for health reasons, but I almost wish I did, so I could stop eating at Arby’s.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      LOL !!!

  • Patty

    That doesn’t surprise me, our local Arby’s fired a person who had worked for them over 25 yrs because they were paying her too much…the manager who had actually hired her passed away and a newer manager came in and wanted to save money, so they made her life miserable and eventually “let her go” for not following one of the new procedures. There is a lot to the story, but she came to the conclusion that it was based on her pay. She is a upstanding Christian who I believe, anyway…she took it as a blessing because since then she has become her mothers full time care giver. My husband was a manager in a sporting goods dept (for over 10 yrs) at a well known dept store and after a rash of robberies in our area where guns were stolen, he was told in the event of a robbery he was NOT to give the robbers the key to the locked gun cases…excuse me?? Thankfully they were never robbed but he reassured me that he would never risk his life for stock. He left shortly after that and it turned out to be a blessing, so hopefully that lady will also see a blessing in her circumstance. It is sad when companies do not care for their loyal employees. As always thank you for keeping us informed… Patty

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Sigh. These are thoroughly disgusting stories. I wonder how many of the people in these companies who promulgate these policies call themselves Christians?

  • Imelda

    First of all, the place is too cheap to not even install alarms – especially considering that it had been robbed not once, but thrice, already. If I were an ambulance chaser, I would seek Maria and convince her to file a case for Arby’s negligence. After all, it put her life – and the other employees’ life too – in peril.

    It is not a good place to work with – good that Maria got out of that place in one piece. I hope she got a new job.

  • Serena

    That’s horrible. I hope she found a much better job somewhere she is protected and appreciated.