China: Angry Protests Follow Brutal Seven-Month Forced Abortion |

China: Angry Protests Follow Brutal Seven-Month Forced Abortion |

I hear that this terrible crime has increased pressure on President Obama to condemn forced abortion. That would be a good first step.

I have passed legislation against forced abortion here in Oklahoma. I also debated and voted in favor of other legislation on the same issue by my colleague, Representative Paul Wesselhoft. Without exception, the “pro choice” people were highly critical and even profane in some of their comments concerning these efforts.

I believe that there are people who advocate for legal abortion actually are pro choice, so, even though I do not agree with them at all, I also don’t do things like put the label in quotes or call them “pro death” or any other unkind name. I refuse to lower a debate concerning something as noble as the sanctity of human life to a name-calling contest.

However, these people vehemently opposed legislation which would help stop forced abortion. I feel that their actions in this matter indicate that, whatever else they may be, they are NOT “pro choice” but rather blatantly and cruelly pro abortion.

I apologize for putting up two such grim posts back to back. I only do it because these crimes against women, children and, indeed, against all of humankind must not be hidden and allowed to continue.

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