HHS Mandate: It’s That Simple

The strum und drang surrounding the HHS Mandate complicates the issue beyond comprehension for a lot of people.

The mandate attacks religious freedom. I think it’s a bellwether of government enforced religious discrimination to come. As such, it as serious as any issue can be. It puts the government of the United States in the position of attacking the first freedom guaranteed to the people of the United States, the freedom to practice their religious faith without government interference.

In addition to those high-flying arguments against the HHS Mandate, we also have common sense. That is what a new ad by the Catholic Archdiocese of St Louis brings to the discussion about the mandate: Common sense.

The ad, which is called It’s That Simple, begins by saying, “You wouldn’t force an atheist to buy a Bible,” and goes on to “You wouldn’t force a vegetarian to buy a hamburger, then why would you force a Catholic employer to buy your birth control?” Each question is punctuated by the statement “It’s that simple.”

And it is. That simple, I mean.

It’s That Simple is well worth watching. Have a look below.

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  • http://biltrix.wordpress.com Biltrix

    It should be that simple (and it is). That’s why it’s my gut feeling that this will be overturned. Perhaps, repealing ObamaCare as a whole is a more involved and complicated issue, since the Supreme Court let it stand. Even if Romney is elected, he will have a huge fight on his hands if he tries to appeal it. But the HHS Mandate part will have it’s day in court. Furthermore, with a new administration in the White House (God willing), which would include a new Health and Human Services Secretary, I believe that some of those individual elements of the plan that were never voted on, like the Mandate, can be revisited, revised, and done away with much in the same way as the were so easily implemented. Let’s hope.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      James, this is an agency rule, not a statute. All any president has to do is rescind it. Governor Romney, if he is elected, can do it unilaterally.
      I expect that he will do exactly that. He’s said far too much to do otherwise.
      However, my experience with a Republican-controlled state here in Oklahoma is that they try to “regulate” and hassle faith-based ministries quite as much and as deleteriously as the Democrats. The reason is power. They want the power. That’s part of why I keep saying that no matter who wins this election, we’re in for a fight.
      It’s also worth remembering that, while they didn’t promulgate the HHS Mandate, we were betrayed by our pro-life Republican friends in Congress when they failed to make this the issue when they held up the increase of the debt limit last winter. They bargained for corporate tax cuts. If they had bargained for this, it would be gone.
      We need to consider more long-lasting solutions than trusting our freedoms to whoever wins an election. That dooms us in the long run.
      But yes, I don’t see how Romney can fail to rescind the HHS Mandate if he wins. If he pretends that it requires a “fight” then we’ll know he’s lying from the get-go.

      • http://biltrix.wordpress.com Biltrix

        Hmmm… Thanks for the reality check! I suppose we know what to look for.

  • http://theshepherdspresence.wordpress.com Karyl

    The health care bill is so huge, I can see how things were not carefully inspected. Pelosi’s famous statement, “We will have to pass it to see what’s in it” is sure true. There is a trickle of implementations already in progress and my insurance premium has gone up already and I am Medicare Advantage. My prescription costs have gone up, and one medicine I’d taken for years is no longer allowed–in fact, my physcian cannot even prescribe it for me. That last statement is very bothersome. All that, and the birth control mandate is very bothersome. I do believe Mr. Romney has said that there are good things in the healthcare bill, the bill needs restructuring. He probably will repeal it, and set it aside and work on our unemployment and trade problems, and let’s pray we don’t have distracting involvment in the Middle East. That has been a plague to Pres. Obama. Those Middle East problems are on going since /Abraham, Isaac, and Ishmael. I don’t want them to over run Israel, or any other nation, but they might. Somehow the world lived through the Ottoman Empire. The next administration faces a prickly mess, that’s for sure. My concern is that our religious freedom be preserved first of all so that God can guide us through the trials ahead.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Me too, Karyl.
      “My concern is that our religious freedom be preserved first of all so that God can guide us through the trials ahead.”

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  • Ted Seeber

    I would argue it isn’t a bellwether of anything- that the federal government has indeed been working towards this since 1796. It’s just one in a long, long line of attempting to destroy personal liberty to enact public immorality.

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