Historic Soviet Posters Exhibited at Protect Freedom of Religion Event

A woman throws away icons in a propaganda poster which states The Bright Light of Science Has Proven That There Is No God CNA 10/17/12

Is this poster a relic from a distant past that has no meaning for us today, or is it a reminder of what can happen to anyone who takes their freedoms lightly?

Given the rancor and aggressiveness of today’s militant secularists, that is a question all Christians should ask themselves.

This poster and 39 others like it were exhibited at the Protect Freedom of Religion event at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Denver this weekend. According to an interivew Father Doug Grandon, the priest who first discovered the posters, gave to CNA, the posters

” … remind us that societies can turn very deadly when you have a kind of radical secularism which manifests in an anti-Christian attitude … you see it in all its ugliness through the lens of these posters.”

Father Grandon “believes the posters are important for Coloradans to see because they “give us a warning that this could happen again. Where you have a disrespect for the freedom of religion, a rampant kind of secularism, this could happen again.”

“If we forget these horrific historical examples, and if we become lethargic in our political involvement, our prayers, in our practice of religion, our culture could be lost. It could happen even here.”

The CNA article says in part:

The October 1917 revolution in Russia led to the atheistic, communist government of the Soviet Union which hoped to eradicate religion, and in particular the Catholic Church, from its empire.

To do this, the government produced thousands of different propaganda posters which denigrated Christianity and which the Soviet Central Committee described in 1931 as “a powerful tool in the reconstruction of the individual, his ideology, his way of life, his economic activity.”

Between 1919 and 1922, 7.5 million of these posters were distributed in the Soviet Union. As many as 250,000 copies of a given poster could be made in the 1930s. The propaganda posters continued to be made through 1983.

The posters showing the Bolshevik worldview fall into three basic categories: icons of the worker, women, and the enemy. The Soviet government also produced anti-religious cartoons and postcards.

The posters contain such imagery as Lenin sweeping clergy from the earth, hypocritical priests, and Christians as sheep being fleeced by their priests. (Read more here.)

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  • http://chicagoboyz.net TMLutas

    Looking at the picture my immediate reaction was “why is she still covering her hair?” which is a religious observance so ingrained in the local culture there that even the soviets weren’t willing to tackle it in their blasphemous poster.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I have no idea what their reasoning was, but I doubt if it’s what you’re saying. The soviets had no problems putting a fifth of their population in prison; herding people onto collectives, murdering and torturing at will. They murdered the priests, put believers in prison, and co-opted the churches that were left to their purposes.

  • http://biltrix.wordpress.com Biltrix

    R. Dawkins filed a lawsuit last year against a country club in NY that rescinded it’s invitation for a book signing event — the basis of the lawsuit was religious discrimination.

    Militant secularism and atheism are a sort of non-denominational religious entity in this country. They preach, rant, and “evangelize” (for lack of a better word; proselytize does not quite fit) as much as a sidewalk preacher in the inner city does. They intend to create a vacuum for true religion and fill it with itself. In many sectors of society, they have already succeeded in doing that.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I know James. I was unaware of the Dawkins lawsuit, but it fits his other behavior.

    • http://catholibertarian.com/ Teresa Rice

      Propagandize might work Biltrix.

  • http://catholibertarian.com/ Teresa Rice

    This is good. We must not forget history or the past. For if we should we are doomed to repeat it. I will be passing the information along on my political blog with linkage to your site.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Teresa.

  • Sue Ting

    Frighteninly spot on! And a timely reminder why we need to grab our Rosary daily and pray for peace and the conversion of souls. Timely historical reference! This month, the Month of the Rosary, the Church celebrated the 95th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun which occured on Oct. 13, 1917 in Fatima, Portugal. From an Order of the Grail pamplet, “Fatima and You,” originally published in 1948 after WWII and with Nihil Obstat & Imprimatur from then AB Schulte: “If it be heard, Russia will be converted and there will be peace. If not the errors of Communism will be spread throughout the world, and the Mother of God did not exclude the United States of America…” Less than a month after the Miracle of the Sun, the Bolshevik Revolution siezed state power as part of the larger Russian Revolution of 1917. Another reason this Year of Faith could not be more timely.

  • http://wordsthathavemeaning.wordpress.com/ Russell Holder

    I have been a recent victim, myself, of the hatred that comes from belief in Jesus, and know the attacker used the lax rules of the website I was on (from Jan., 2008 until Sept., 2012) to make false claims stick against me. The site focused more on the complaint (in my opinion it was a ‘hate based crime’), than on my claims… and opinion or appearance (a personal view) can be taken to an extreme. The new form of tolerance is very intolerant to views that might be different from their own, meaning if you are a christian… you are fair game. To complain against someone, even to use lax rules or guidelines, for the values they hold or believe… this is based on a hatred for what they believe- and I believe it to fully constitute “a Hate crime (as Internationally recognized).” The following is a link to an article I wrote on the whole experience.


    This is why now is the time to pray for a strengthening of what faith one has, and the time to know what you believe in… for your faith in Jesus to be rock solid.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I don’t allow that nonsense on Public Catholic Russell. It works against what I’m trying to accomplish here, plus I personally find it appalling. People can discuss, but if the start attacking one another, I delete them. So have no fear.