Less of Me: The Diet, Week Three

Gimpy the Foot

I skipped posting about The Diet last week. The only thing I could’ve said was “Ouch!”

I took a fall about a week ago. Broke my foot. Had surgery. Now, I’m wheelchair-bound for 8 or 9 weeks and then back to surgery. After that, it’s rehab for me and my gimpy foot. The doc says it will be about 5 months before my battered foot and I are healed and fully well again.

Nothing I had planned in terms of bettering my health — except, possibly, getting 8 hours sleep — seems do-able right now.

I never knew how much I liked my feet until I lost the use of one of them. They were just sort of there, at the end of my legs, doing their job. I didn’t think they were beautiful, but now I know that two uncomplaining feet are among the most beautiful things in the world.  I am a newly minted feet fan. Two of them. In working order. That’s better than chocolate.

I honestly think that if I wasn’t so overweight I might not have injured myself so badly. That’s my theory at least. My husband said, “How did you smash it like that?” and I told him, “I guess I dropped my whole weight on it.”

The nurse at the hospital told me to stop doing that to myself, that things just happen. Said it as they were wheeling me into surgery, “Honey you stop doin’ that to yourself. Things just happen. Don’t tell yourself stuff like that.”

That was nice of her, but I still think that the amount of weight your bring down on your bones is bound to affect how much torque you put them through. Just guessing. But it does seem logical.

I’m not talking about beating myself up here. If my love affair with junk food and the resulting heft I brought to the fall made the injury worse, then I’m the one who’s paying the price. My overeating. My injury. My payment.

But I have come to the conclusion that this is a price I don’t want to pay again. There’s no doubt that my weight has made things tougher on my husband and kids as they’ve had to shove my wheelchair around. I also know that it makes it harder for me to paddle along with the wheelchair myself.

All this gives seeing Less of Me a whole other level of incentive.

There are real limits to what I can do now. My first job is to take care of my sore baby and get well enough to be more active. But I’m already thinking ahead to the days when I’m quasi mobile and can at least do some things.

We have a women’s health spa/workout place not far from our house called Mademoiselle Ladies Fitness. They have the full set up of weight machines, ellipticals, bikes and pool. But what I’m aiming for at first are the passive work-out tables. I have a friend who used these a few years ago because her condition wouldn’t allow her to do the more strenuous things and she says they actually do work.

The set up looks like this:

The exercises you can do with them look like this:


Whaddaya think? Would this work with Gimpy the Foot?

I also cracked my hip bone. Even though it is going to heal on its own with no intervention, it’s still sore. Maybe I should say, Gimpy the Leg. I dunno. All I know is that this little event has made me realize what a wonderful thing a healthy, pain-free body is. It’s also brought home how very fortunate I am that I don’t have diabetes to complicate all this, and how much I don’t want to spend any more days at the hospital being a patient.

How do I work toward the goal of a healthier me from this wheelchair? 

Ideas? Thoughts? And a little encouragement, please. Tell me what you think. 


  • http://tljax.wordpress.com TL

    I am so sorry to hear you are hurting! God bless you with relief from pain, and quick, complete healing.
    You will find all sorts of exercise opportunities in your rehab gym. My wheelchair-bound friend and I go regularly. The PTs there know how to work around your limitations. I encourage you not to let this injury be an excuse; it’s an exclamation point.
    When more healed, you might consider aqua-aerobics. Classes are also offered at most well-equipped rehab gyms.

  • Rebecca Hamilton

    TL, that’s very encouraging. I’ll check with the doc and see what I can safely do, and then call the gym and see what they offer! (Notice the exclamation point?)

    • http://tljax.wordpress.com tl

      My own recovery was jump-started by a leg injury that landed me, by force, in a rehab gym. I hope this serves you as a positive by the time it is over.
      Only the points that are worthy of exclamation are worth standing on! (<- See? I did it again.)

      • Rebecca Hamilton


  • http://greenlightlady.wordpress.com Wendy Macdonald

    Oh, Rebecca, I am so sorry that you are going through this. You, once again, amaze me with your ability to face trials with such grace and even humor! I don’t have any advice to give. But I do have some encouragement: Whatever you set your mind to do – I believe you can do it!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Wendy. I had quite a prayer time this afternoon, and offered it all up. That seemed to help a great deal.

  • http://400wordsforwomen.com/ Béatrice Fedor

    I’m so sorry Rebecca. It sounds like you are handling it beautifully. Wendy said pretty much what I wanted to say. I will keep you in my prayers. Blessings, Beatrice

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Beatrice. Today is a much better day. I’m a feeling a LOT better, ptl !!

  • Hattie

    I share the same conclusion you have about the over weight. I began my weight loss program last week and this morning I have lost 4 lbs, which is awesome for me and means I am on target. Losing weight is a unique experience for each person, so each has to take the best route for themselves. Don’t compare yourself to another, just do what works for you. I am. I pray your broken foot heals quickly and correctly. I call you whole and well from head to toe to the tips of your toes and underneath the soles of your feet. There is much for such an effective Christian woman to do on the face of this earth.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      What a great comment Hattie! Can you feel me smiling? Thank you.

  • Theresa

    Hi Rebecca,
    I’m so sorry that this has been such an unfortunate experience. Funny story- I never had to do the wheel chair thing, but when I was in 4th, 5th and 6th grade, I spent those 3 consecutive winters on crutches. I lived in northern Japan (military brat) so let me just tell you that crutches and ice/snow really should not be mixed! The first night of Christmas break, I fractured 3 of my toes in the middle of my right foot while trying to dodge a snowball that was never actually thrown. We had a health-nut of a math teacher in 5th grade who insisted that 5th and 6th graders run around the campus 3 times a week before going to lunch. Never having been a graceful runner, I got a brilliant idea to run on the grass, again on the last day of school before Christmas break, thinking the somewhat sludgy ground might be more comfortable than the sidewalk. My shoes were not on as well as the should have been, so while I moved my right leg to take another step, my foot stayed behind and I sprained my ankle. The following year, I was home-schooled. I thought I was going to dodge a bullet that year, but nope! I was a bit of a heavy-set kid and, you guessed it, on the last day of school before Christmas break, I was outside with my friends running around a snow-fort we had built and suddenly could not put any pressure on my left heel. I managed to get a stress fracture in my heel. So for three years we got to joke that it was like being Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol having crutches around every Christmas. (Hope the story at least made you smile a little.)
    I think with a title like “Less of Me” your diet/recovery journey could make for a very interesting book later on down the road. You have some really awesome spiritual insights that I think would make for a wonderful read/reflection.
    I was thinking a bit about your question at the bottom of your entry. I know some of these aren’t the most glamorous solutions, but what about some of the “Sit and Be Fit” types of programs? Some of the leg exercises would be out while you’re still healing, but maybe some of the arm exercises would be good. (Although, if using a wheelchair seems to be exercise enough for your upper body, I get it.) But I think you’ll get a lot out of the PT sessions since they will help plan exercises for you that will also keep in mind your hip injury. And a big congratulations on achieving one of the goals of your plan- getting more sleep! (Celebrate what you can!) ;)
    Praying you feel better soon!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Theresa what an Ouch! of a story! I want to reach back through the years and give you little girl self a hug.

      I haven’t heard of Sit and Be Fit. Is it a dvd or something?

      Also, I agree: Celebrate when I can!

      Thank you for your prayers, my friend.

      • Theresa

        Here’s a link to their website: http://www.sitandbefit.org. I’ve noticed them run their routines on PBS in the morning and I think they have a few videos on youtube. It all seems pretty low-impact- its geared toward seniors. Also, I found this site: http://www.livestrong.com/article/157614-wheelchair-exercises.

        Oh, and when I’ve started on exercise routines but have been hesitant to splurge on actual dumbbells, I’ve found cans of pinto beans to be awesome. 1 lb each!

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          Thank you Theresa! This is great!