Miracle Story: Fatima, Warning of Hell and Prophecy for Our Time

A photostatic copy of a page from Ilustração Portugueza, October 29, 1917


Yesterday was the 95th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. I’ve been to Fatima. It was an important turning point in my life that I may write about in the future.

I thought you might enjoy this video commemorating it.

Have a blessed Sunday.





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  • http://mywordwall.wordpress.com Imelda

    Thank you for the reminder. I almost forgot about the Feast yesterday. How good God is to send His mother to us again and again in this way.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      You’re welcome Imelda. I think so too.

  • J. H. M. Ortiz

    In his commentary in Pope John Paul II’s document dated May 13, 200o on the message of Fatima, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger indicated that the images which the Fatima seers saw of hell, etc., were by no means photographic representations, but were only symbolic, influenced in part by the seers’ own mental images. Just a clarification for readers who may not have read this Vatican document with the future Pope Benedict’s commentary (available on the Vatican’s website at http://www.vatican.va).

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I had not read that document myself. Thank you for sharing it.
      I’ve always thought the visions of hell that the children saw were powerful, and the message that they conveyed was as well.

    • J. H. M. Ortiz

      To navigate the Vatican’s website from the link I gave, click on the preferred language, then choose Roman Curia, then Congregations, then Doctrine of the Faith, then Doctrinal Documents. Next, scroll down backward in time to 2000, then to Documents regarding “The Message of Fatima”, June 26, 2000. Bingo! Cardinal Ratzinger’s commentary begins about halfway down that web page.

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        Thanks again for the info!

    • Dave

      I think a better way to say it would be that the children were shown Hell in a way that they could understand.

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        Maybe. When I read their description, I got it. The message to me is that many are hell-bound and it is terrible and unnecessary and we must pray the Rosary for their conversion.

  • http://www.ackans.com Mr. V.

    Fatima is one of the places I want to make a pilgrimage to someday. That, Vatican City, and Lisieux (where St. Therese was ), are some of the places, God willing, I plan on doing a pilgrimage.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I haven’t done the other two and really want to. Also, someday the Holy Land. Fatima was a life-changing experience for me. The atmosphere of holiness if powerful.