Supreme Court Won’t Hear Personhood Challenge to Roe v Wade

The United States Supreme Court has refused to hear a challenge of legalized abortion based on so-called Personhood statutes. 

I expected this. The Court basically ruled by refusing to rule on the question of personhood in Roe when it said that it need not consider the personhood of the unborn child. If they opened this up now, it would place the Court in the position of having to rule one way or the other on the question of whether or not an unborn child is a person under the law.

They didn’t want to do that 40 years ago, and it appears they don’t want to do it now.

So far as I’m concerned, this underscores my belief that the pro life strategy of packing the Supreme Court has been a failure.


  • mari

    Uhm,.yeah and? Is there more to this post? Seems a little short?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Nope. Ttttthat’s all folks!

  • BDW

    The pro-life movement is all about taking away a woman’s right to choose. That is just wrong.

    The makeup of the Supreme Court hangs in the balance. This election will decide which way it all goes.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Honestly I doubt if the election will decide anything about the Supreme Court concerning abortion. I don’t think either political party wants to lose the issue.

  • Walter Blakesley

    The Pro-Life movement is about preserving life. I know that you have heard a million times that it is about a woman’s right to choose, therefore you believe that. People you to think that the world was flat too. Let’s step back from the convienient slogans and talk about the issue here, DEATH. Pro-Life = Life, Pro-Choice = Death. Death of Who you may ask? The human child that if allowed to continue to grow will become a Baby Boy or Baby Girl. Now, I ask you what about that little women’s right to live and breathe and participate in this wonderful world that we share. Did you even realize that the murder of all of those females were preventing them from any choice at all? I really think that all of you that think so much about preserving Human Rights examine your indefendable position, and call it for what it is. Murder of another Human Being, because I say it is OK. I think that you would be able to look at yourself in the mirror honestly then. Oh and by the way fund your own abortions, and leave my tax dollars out of it.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Walter, to whom are you speaking?