The Debate: What Do You Think?

I didn’t feel up to watching the debate last night.

For those of you who are in the same boat, or if you just to see it again, go to 2012 Election Central.

According to a CNN poll, the debate was a tie.

Who do you think won last night? Biden or Ryan? Which Catholic boy came out on top?

  • Maria

    Did NO ONE ELSE notice when Joe Biden said “outlaw Planned Parent . . . um, abortion”?!? I thought it was the most telling and interesting point of the entire debate, and I haven’t seen anyone else mention it. A Freudian slip revealing that, despite Planned Parenthood’s attempts to emphasize their links to contraception, STD testing, and [referrals to] mammograms, even their supporters think PP == abortion . . .

  • neenergyobserver

    Probably pretty much a tie. My take is summed up in the title of my post (will be up soon).
    A gentleman, a knave, and an accomplice.

    I didn’t make it through it either, Biden and Radich reminded my of badly behaved kindergartners.

  • Marya

    Right now, I am feeling discouraged about it. I though Paul Ryan was impressive, but I’m not even sure if it matters, since so many people apparently believe that being rude and obnoxious, a la Joe Biden, means that you are “honest”. Whereas speaking well, marshalling one’s facts, trying to remain professional, means that you are slick and “dishonest.”. “Biden tells the truth, he tells it like it is,” someone remarked. That pesky incident of plagiarism in his past has obviously been forgotten. His boorish manner is enough to convince many people that he’s honest. And that discourages me. Lord, help us.

  • Karyl

    I wish I had not watched. It was frustrating to see Biden show such lack of respect and arrogance. He talked out of both sides of his mouth on the abortion question. First he personally believes life begins at conception. Okay. Then he says he won’t force his beliefs on women. Umm, what about the baby? Is it a life, or isn’t it? Rebecca, as a politician, I suppose you will want to watch it. IMO, it is not worth the 90 minutes of time. Nothing was accomplished. Sad.

  • Ted Seeber

    Biden won. Hands down. He successfully accused Ryan of being a liar without getting caught in his own lie himself.

    He also exposed the ugly truth that there are NO Catholic pro-life politicians left in Washington DC.

  • Mariadevotee

    I think Joe Biden is showing signs of dementia. Inappropriate affect, memory, aggressiveness, labile emotions. I suggest a check up with his doctor.

  • Karen LH

    I thought that Biden behaved like a complete jerk. Ryan gets points for not hauling off and decking him.

    As for Ryan being a “liar” … I assume because of the abortion exceptions? He made it clear that the principle is that life begins at conception, while the policy is to allow exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother. That doesn’t make him a liar: it makes him not willing to make the perfect the enemy of the good. I doubt that anyone could sell a policy that didn’t allow those exceptions. Better half a loaf than none.

    Biden’s “facts” were not correct on the HHS Mandate.

    One thing that struck me about Biden’s answer to the abortion question: I don’t think he really agrees with Church teaching on abortion. He “accepts” it, but he made it sound like he accepts it like he would accept some obscure theological point that makes no sense to him. If he really believed it, he wouldn’t compartmentalize it like that. He’d be just as passionate about abortion as he is about the Church’s social doctrine. You don’t see any compartmentalization on that subject.

  • FW Ken

    From my perspective, these debates don’t have winners and losers, unless it’s the electorate – us! If we get a clear picture of where the candidates stand on the issues, and some idea of their character and grace under pressure, we win. Clearly, we won the first presidential debate; the vice-presidential, less so, but it was still pretty good. I think the narrative is developing that the vice-president – Crazy Uncle Joe – acted a fool, but actually, he is clearly well versed in the problems of the middle east.

    Overall, I tend to agree with the CNN commentators that each man did what he needed to do to energize their base. In that respect, it’s a draw.