This Came From the President of the United States? Part Two

That didn’t take long.

There is already a parody of the First Time ad that President Obama’s campaign put out.

The parody is titled, My First Time in a Sexist Ad and is put out by TokenLibertarianGirl, who evidently has 71 videos on YouTube. I haven’t watched any of her other videos, but I did look at their titles. Based on those, I am guessing that she’s a strong supporter of Governor Romney’s bid for the presidency.

I agree with the parody’s assertion that the Obama Campaign ad is sexist, and that it implies that women are only interested in laws that affect their reproductive capacities. The new political mantra from the Obama Campaign seems to be that all women really want is an abortion and a packet of birth control pills.

I don’t agree with a number of things the parody says. But I agree wholeheartedly with the primary contention of the parody that the President’s ad demeans and sexualizes women. I also think it is beneath the dignity of the office of President.

Here, if you’re interested, is My First Time in a Sexist Ad.

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  • Biltrix

    Is there an award for video parodies? If not they need to make one for the one that girl did. Brilliant!!!

    Share! Share! Share!!!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      She made my point: This demeans women.

  • neenergyobserver

    Yep, it’s a good parody, bad part that a parody is so much more respectful than the ad.
    Indeed, do share.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      “bad part that a parody is so much more respectful than the ad.”

  • arkenaten

    Hilarious. Barak ‘Lady Parts’ Obama.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      He not only demeaned women with this, he demeaned himself.

  • Jessica Hoff

    It is a chilling insight into what he thinks we care about.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      True. I think he’s aiming it at a specific demographic — college age people. In fact, I think he’s aiming it specifically at people that age who are attending college. That fact is, he is sexualizing women to do it. He’s also demeaning his office.