After Election Prayer

I found this prayer on the USCCB web site. As usual, our bishops are leading us in the right direction. 

God of all nations,
Father of the human family,
we give you thanks for the freedom we exercise
and the many blessings of democracy we enjoy

in these United States of America.

We ask for your protection and guidance
for all who devote themselves to the common good,

working for justice and peace at home and around the world.

We lift up all our duly elected leaders and public servants,
those who will serve us as president, as legislators and judges,

those in the military and law enforcement.

Heal us from our differences and unite us, O Lord,
with a common purpose, dedication, and commitment to achieve liberty and justice
in the years ahead for all people,

and especially those who are most vulnerable in our midst.


  • Manny

    Amen to the prayer. We certainly need it. Over at Anchoress, I said this. If there is anything that can be discerned out of this election is that religious values and issues are losers. Obama won on the Sandra Fluke mandate, that is, paying for contraceptives and promoting abortion. The two vocal Senate candidates that actually stepped into religious territory (albeit poorly), Adkins and Mourdock were soundly defeated, and gay marriage actually won for the first time in two state referendums. And to top it off, the Catholic vote actually went to Obama, and thereby ratifying the HSS mandate. It will be a hard thing for future Republicans to go out on a limb for religious values, and certainly Democrats will be enboldened to push secularization further. Economics and tax rates will come and go, but the values of a nation evolve, and this was a tipping point election on values. A very bad day for Christian values.

    • Ted Seeber

      I hope Catholic Obama voters enjoy their $3.00 in dimes. Because they gave away treasure in heaven for it.

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  • Jo Randall Bower

    Amen. Above all we remember our trust is in God… even when we don’t truly don’t understand what he is doing. I join you in calling for us to stand firm. The darker it gets the brighter the light. God be with us all.

  • bill bannon

    I would not vote for Obama ( in my mind from the beginning) but I also lost interest in voting for Romney when I read about what medicaid cuts actually mean. Medicaid pays for an astounding 37% of US prenatal/birth deliveries/post partum care because young people are either at the Federal Poverty Level or are at 130% of it or in NY qualify at 200% of it. Cut medicaid by “increasing it at inflation plus 1%” ( first debate Romney bs claim that went unchallenged by Obama..(.medical and nursing home inflation is way above inflation)…cut medicaid while not cutting defense and you are making abortions more likely than if you were liberalizing laws because money or its lack is behind many abortions of the young. Abortion costs infinitely less than the whole birthing process followed by raising child process. And the defense budget as sacrosanct by alleged small government conservatives who never served in the military was another red flag.
    Bush avoided Vietnam via the Texas air national guard and was gung ho on finding WMD in Iraq at the cost of other males’ legs and arms and over a trillion $ in the long run. Does anyone think Romney incapable of like adventures with other peoples’ limbs.
    Benghazi became the obsession of Romney voters because….it was not about Romney. Catholics who held John Paul and Ratzinger faultless for two decades of clergy abuse suddenly became Truman ” buck stops
    here” people on Obama. The whole thing smelled like a dead fish. We need a third party that does not combine Christian talk with getting rich.

  • Teresa Rice
  • mtsweat

    An excellent prayer for all. May we all be willing to offer these words today before the Father. May we diligently strive to be His people, carrying His message of good news of His Son, the gospel that has the power to change lives, and make the best of citizens. Blessings

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I agree. Thank you.