Cardinal Dolan’s Letter to Obama

I thought you might want to read the full text of Cardinal Dolan’s letter of congratulations to President Obama on his re-election to the office of President of the United States of America.

The letter says:

Dear President Obama,
In my capacity as President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, I write to express my congratulations on your re-election as President of the United States.  The people of our country have again entrusted you with a great responsibility.  The Catholic Bishops of the United States offer our prayers that God will give you strength and wisdom to meet the difficult challenges that face America.
In particular, we pray that you will exercise your office to pursue the common good, especially in care of the most vulnerable among us, including the unborn, the poor, and the immigrant.  We will continue to stand in defense of life, marriage, and our first, most cherished liberty, religious freedom.  We pray, too, that you will help restore a sense of civility to the public order, so our public conversations may be imbued with respect and charity toward everyone.
May God bless you and Vice President Biden as you prepare for your second term in service to our country and its citizens.

Sincerely yours,


Timothy Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York
President United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

  • Beverly

    “We will continue to stand in defense of life, marriage, and our first, most cherished liberty, religious freedom.”

    That is the whole letter in one sentence. I am reading that Obama won the Catholic vote. I don’t know if that is also true for the referendum questions on gay marriage, but if it is, it means that more Catholics voted against Church teaching than for it. What would happen to the American Catholic Church if it became a democracy? Would we have the same bishops?

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Interesting question, and excellent observation. Why do you think so many Catholics follow the world instead of their Church?

  • Beverly

    I think it is what the Church describes as “modernism”. Everything is always new and improved. My Iphone 4S has been replaced with the Iphone 5. New ideas replace old ideas. The God Delusion replaces the Bible. Pluralism and relativism replace doctrines and dogmas. New math replaces old math. Now I am dating myself.