Tomorrow is Election Day and We Have Already Won

Tomorrow is election day. 

Let me say that again. Tomorrow is election day.

We’ve said that our freedom to vote is bought with blood so many times that it’s become a cliche. What we haven’t said is that this simple act of voting is also power. There’s a reason why all these candidates have been driving us crazy with ads, polls and debates for the past year.

We have the power. We can pick who we want to lead this great country. We get to choose.

We don’t have to explain, justify, or even reveal our choices when we vote. It is our power and we can use it however we wish.

Tomorrow is election day.

We have before us a choice between two men for president, a number of people who want to serve in the United States Senate, several governors, many state legislators, sheriffs, county commissioners, judges, court clerks, and, of course, the entire United States House of Representatives. Pretty much the entirety of American electoral power is in our hands.

Our vote will determine the future of America for at least the next two years. It will also shape what happens in much of the rest of the world. We are voting for ourselves, for our children and for people who have not been born yet. We are also honoring the men and women who fought in the Revolution, gave their lives at Gettysburg, died on Omaha Beach and whose lives have been wasted by corrupt politicians in the unnecessary skirmish wars we the people should not have allowed. We are the culmination of those who crossed the prairies, climbed the mountains and who, all too often, ended in unmarked graves along the way.

America is my home and I love her with all my heart.

I am part of We the People. The American People. Tomorrow, the fate of our country is in our hands. This great experiment in republican democracy has churned through more than two tumultuous centuries. It has changed the world, revamped the universal understanding of government and the value of human beings in the process. Even America’s critics judge us by American standards.

These standards have their foundation in the words of a poor carpenter and miracle-worker who lived in a tiny corner of a great empire a long time ago. He taught us that we matter. He took the concept of what it means to be human and lifted it out of the pagan mire of the human-sacrificing, enslaving, individuals-don’t-matter muck that was the ancient world and set it on a hilltop of aspiration and hope. “Even the hairs of your head are numbered,” He said. You matter. You. You. Your own individual self, matters to the God who made everything there is, everywhere.

That is the philosophical foundation on which the concept of human rights that grew up in the Western world is based. It is why the concept itself is a Western concept. Because it came from Christ. Because it is part of the Kingdom that is both here and coming when His will shall be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

America is a grand experiment in self-government by millions of people who vote and then, no matter how they vote, accept the outcome of the election. Tomorrow, we will elect a lot of people to office. At least in the presidential election, it is certain that about half the people of this great land will be unhappy and dismayed by the outcome. But the power to decide is ours. The responsibility to accept the outcome and, if necessary, begin again in our work for what we believe, is also ours.

Go Vote tomorrow.

But remember: The Ultimate Victory will never go to the R or the D. The Ultimate Victory was achieved by that poor carpenter on Calvary. Christians, all 2 billion of us, are the living embodiment of that Victory. Our eternal lives, of which these times are the beginning, is the reality of it.

We are not the R or the D. We are Christians. No matter the election tomorrow. We have already won.

  • Mr. V.


    I think we’re in for some tough times ahead. With the HHS Mandate, especially because it’s written as a tax code. If the Bishops and other Catholic leaders refuse to comply, it gives the government a sneaky way to shut down the Catholic church by revoking tax status and seizing property. We could potentially see some of our most beautiful cathedrals seized and torn down and the land sold.

    I don’t say this to be pessimistic. I just think we’re in for tough times, and maybe we need it. We’ve grown too lax and wishy washy as Christians in this country, and maybe we need to be shook up to get our priorities straightened back out.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I agree. We are. That’s why I’m doing this blog. It’s the best I can do right now to do my part.

      • Mr. V.

        Every era and generation has its struggles and challenges. Every generation is tested in some fashion. More than once. This is one of ours.

        We should be thankful rather than fearful, much as you write in your post. “Count it all joy when you are persecuted for my sake.” I’m reciting that from memory, so I might not have it exactly as it is in the Bible. :D

    • Ted Seeber

      The Church is at Her Best- when government persecution is at its worst.

    • Bill S

      “We could potentially see some of our most beautiful cathedrals seized and torn down and the land sold.”

      The Church survived the priest abuse scandals. It will survive the HHS mandate. Something will be worked out by August 1, 2013 (or sooner if Romney is elected). I don’t think anyone, not even atheists, want to see “cathedrals seized and torn down and the land sold.”

      Both the Church and the First Amendment will survive these times.

      • Rebecca Hamilton

        Bill, most of your comments about political issues seem to be a mix of wishful thinking and certitude. This one is no exception. You are telling us your wishful thinking and asserting it as a fact.

        • Bill S


          That’s exactly what I see you doing. To me that is all that faith is.

          But thank you for your feedback. I have learned a lot from you.

  • arkenaten

    I know this will be probably be deleted, but what the heck.
    Come the 7th”:
    Obama will begin his second term of office.
    The HHS mandate will be passed and will become law, protest or no protest and will be welcomed by the majority.
    There be a greater will to isolate religion from main stream politics and everyday life,schools etc. and more movement towards a secular society.
    America will continue to spiral into debt but will hold on
    Obama may well bring most troops home, but will likely embroiled in another war within two years because of econmic neccessity using a thinly veiled excuse to once more commit troops to a new theatre. Probably another Middle Eastern Country. There will be no settlement to the Palastinian ‘question’.

    I don’t understand enough about US politics to make further predicitions.
    Oh, yes, the Whales. Northern Right Whale will again suffer because. of collision by ships, especially off the eastern sea board of the US.
    I suggest you show pictures of these magnificent creatures to your grand kids, Rebecca. They are unlikely to see them any other way.

    You read it here…

  • Dave

    It’s funny. My feeling, as I woke up this morning was, “Tomorrow is Election Day, and We Have Already Lost.” The two party system, with both parties having degraded themselves to a ugly caricature of what they were in their best moments, is the reason.

    But, true, we still have freedom now, and thus hope to save our nation. It’s going to be a tough slog, whether we are successful or not. But, even if all else is lost, we know the ultimate victory is Christ’s, and ours, if we conform ourselves to Christ!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      So long as we are having an election and know that we will have another, Americans can not lose.

      As for Christians, we are made for and called to these times my friend. Whatever happens tomorrow, pray, trust, hug your family and go to bed. On the new day, rejoice that you live in a country where you can always keep on keeping on, then pray, trust and take action.

      • Sus

        “So long as we are having an election and know that we will have another, Americans can not lose.”

        LOVE that!

      • Ted Seeber

        “and know that we will have another”

        How do you know that? I most certainly do NOT know that.

        • Sus


          • Ted Seeber

            You’ve got a lot more faith than I have, Sus. Like Dave said, I’m not sure we’ve had a straight election in my lifetime, let alone that we will ever have one in the years I have left. Every President is worse than the one before, and we never, ever, ever get a candidate I can consider moral.

        • Dave

          I agree, Ted. I’m not even sure the ones we DO have are on the level.

  • Ted Seeber

    Too late, I voted 3 weeks ago.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I voted last week, thanks to my broken foot.

      • Mr. V.

        How long will you be wearing a cast? I remember wearing a cast on my right forearm and hand after breaking my hand. I had to get a new cast put back on after getting water down inside the cast and it got so irritating I cut off the cast and went to the doctor the next morning to get a new one put back on.

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          I’m supposed to get the hardware out on December 5. I assume the cast will go with it, but don’t know for sure. I do know I’ve got rehab after that.

  • Peg

    Wow another great post. I share these with my children, one of which will be able to vote the next election. It’s so important that they think through these issues and seek the truth. I don’t want to scare them with these times, but want them to be strong in faith, knowledge and love to handle al the hills and valleys of life. Our Catholic faith is really helping them navigate the teenage years with grace and humor and sound reasoning. It’s not easy but they know where to find truth and their value and dignity. Thanks for the wise words of help.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Peg. I think this is every parent’s wish.
      ” I don’t want to scare them with these times, but want them to be strong in faith, knowledge and love to handle al the hills and valleys of life.”

  • Reluctant Liberal

    I really wish we would stop treating voting like it’s the cornerstone of good government. I don’t even know if it’s one of the more important parts. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of conscience are all WAY more important that voting. Heck, there’s voting in Afghanistan, Russia, and most of the worst parts of Africa.

    I was raised to believe that voting was the primary responsibility of the citizen, maybe that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in. I’m going to vote tomorrow, but I’d feel I had done a better job as a citizen if I a protest or a city council meeting to go to.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I think this is a false dichotomy. There is no reason why anyone should need to choose between political activism and voting.

  • Rawclyde!

    Rebecca, you’re occasional visits to what I like to think of as my two little spirituality gardens have always bolstered my spirits. I’ve been dropping by here a wee bit but don’t take part in the discussions, just wing around a little bit to see what is going on and depart. I’d push like buttons but I can’t find any. Being a guy I’m shy of talking about whats talked about a lot around here. Plus, my viewpoint is somewhat afar. Anyway, this seems like a good spot to land for a moment… Happy election!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Happy election to you!

      I enjoy your blog, even though I don’t always agree with it. I especially thought your reincarnated Davy Crockett campaign poster for President Obama was clever.

  • Marisa

    I love your summation to this post, Rebecca! From the moment I turned my life over to Christ… I won! It’s rather ridiculous to think winning comes from the swearing in of one human. My faith is in the One who will never let me down, deceive me, or leave me stranded. He’s not strategizing behind closed doors about ways to keep me sick so the FDA can rake in the dough… No, He’s gone to prepare my eternal Home in all of its perfect glory! He’s the One who gets my vote!

  • WH

    Thank you for these true and inspiring words. I am re-posting on my blog today! Blessings!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you for stopping by. I’m a big fan of your blog. It — as you say — encourages me.

  • neenergyobserver

    Sometimes I miss the WordPress like button on your old blog. Today is not one of those days. Why? Because there was no love button. This is the pure unadulterated truth. And for the worry about corruption, which we have always had, d’ Tocqueville said, roughly, “It doesn’t matter that the Sheriff is corrupt, that can be fixed at the next election, which are frequent.

    Keep the Faith, both in the Carpenter, and the United States, they have made the world a far better place.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you my friend!