Irish Government to Re-Write Abortion Laws

DUBLIN (AP) — Ireland’s government pledged Tuesday to pass a law soon that will allow women to receive abortions if continued pregnancy threatens their lives — including from their own threats to commit suicide if denied one.

The announcement comes after decades of inaction on abortion in Ireland, and just weeks after the predominantly Catholic country faced international criticism over the death of an Indian woman hospitalized in Ireland with an imminent miscarriage.

Health Minister James Reilly said parliamentary hearings on the issue would begin next month, lawmakers would receive a bill by Easter and they would be expected to vote on it by the summer. This would mark the first time that Irish lawmakers have ever voted on abortion, arguably the most divisive issue in a country whose constitution bans the practice. (Read the rest of the Yahoo News story here.)

  • Bill S

    It is sad to see a country so impeded in its lawmaking process. They won’t get it right. For a woman to have to say that she will be suicidal if she is not allowed to end her pregnancy would be humorous if it weren’t so sad. “This is a Catholic country” just doesn’t cut it. They need to look at the laws in more progressive countries. But they won’t. The Catholic Church has far too much influence in Irish politics. Thankfully it has less influence on US politics as shown in the recent elections and in most court decisions.

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  • Manny

    If their constitution bans abortion, how can they pass a law to legalize it? Seems they suffer from the same “evolving” constitution we have.

    So sad. I really used to respect Ireland. They’ve become another two bit westernized crap hole like the rest of us.

  • Bill S

    So you are OK with what has happened? You don’t think that Irish law has to be changed? I personally don’t think it will change enough. But any change will be better than what they have now. Other western nations are more advanced. But you think that’s a bad thing? Really?

  • Dave

    Wow! Brilliant. Expect a huge rise in “suicidal” women.

    • Bill S

      Imagine having to threaten to kill yourself in order to get permission to obtain something that is provided on demand in most of the civilized world? And we’re talking about a new and improved law not an antiquated one from the Dark Ages.

  • Mari

    Bill: You obviously are ok with the deaths of children through abortion. Catholics (real ones ) consider this murder. There are very mixed reports about the Indian woman. I do not consider countries with over half a million children aborted each year to be anything but barbaric. You seem to thing legalized murder of innocents, aka abortion, a sign of progress. I do not agree.

  • Bill S

    There might be mixed reports about Savita but they all expose major problems with Irish laws, including its constitution. It’s all due to the inappropriate influence of the Catholic Church. It’s so messed up that they have to use the threat of suicide as a way around their constitution. If that’s what they have to do to allow abortion, that’s what they have to do. A civilized country does not out and out prohibit abortion especially if it is for legitimate reasons.