Oklahoma Supreme Court Strikes Down Two Pro-Life Laws

Representative Pam Peterson and I filed an Amicus Curiae brief on an Oklahoma Supreme Court challenge to a pro life law in October.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court just handed down their opinion on this case, as well as another one involving the use of ultrasounds in abortions. The Court has ruled against both these pro life laws.

Needless to say, I am disappointed. But I am also not downcast. This is the way things sometimes go in our Democracy. Now, it’s up to those of us who want to protect unborn people to re-tool and re-think.

Other than this, I’m not going to comment on this action at this time. I may have something else to say later. I may not. But for today, this is my only statement. Feel free to express your ideas in the com boxes, however.

I’m going to attach the two rulings in their entirety. They are back to back in the file linked to below. Read them — or don’t — as you wish.


  • http://tljax.wordpress.com tl

    I regret your temporary disappointment, but I applaud your efforts. Keep up the good work. Few else will.

  • Rose

    Dear Rep. Hamilton, I have a sister who lives in Tulsa and often speaks of how lucky she is to live in Oklahoma. Where I live in Virginia the hostility to life is palpable (here just outside the Beltway, no surprise….). We fight the good fight and carry on. We are truly in a battle for life and Our Lord is on the side of Life, we can take comfort in that. God Bless, I’ll remember your in my prayers.

  • Bill S

    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma state laws requiring women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound image placed in front of them while they hear a description of the fetus and that ban off-label use of certain abortion-inducing drugs are unconstitutional, the state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

    These are real laws in Oklahoma? The first one is cuel and unusual punishment to the woman who has to have an abortion. If the second one is about the so-called morning-after pill, that’s just ridiculous.

    Every time I try to have a live and let live attitude toward Catholics, I see them trying to impose their beliefs on others. I take comfort in knowing that the judges and the majority of voters in most of the country as well as most modern countries agree with me. I see that there are states that think differently from me and I guess I would not want to live in one of them. I can’t believe a state would actually come up with laws like that.

    • Kristen inDallas

      Bill, what’s cruel and unusual punishment is seeing those images and hearing the description of life at some point after having an abortion. Most women will go on to have a (wanted) pregnancy later in life and will be cronfronted with reality, after it’s too late to do anything but grieve. Doesn’t it bug you to be advocating for a procedure which would seem “cruel and unusual” when presented with factually acurate and relevant medical information?

  • Bill S

    Kristen: I have had personal experience and I know what guilt trips are all about. A lot of factors go into the decision to terminate a pregnancy. To make someone look at an ultrasound or listen to a heart beat or a description of the fetus is to cruely play on a woman’s emotions at a crucial decision point. I’m glad that such a tactic was not used in my case. It would only have made matters worse. People need less guilt trips and more support.

    • http://www.rosariesforlife.com Dave

      I’m old fashioned, but a guilt trip can be a good thing sometimes. Guilt is a spiritual indicator that there is something wrong and we need to make an adjustment, just like pain is a physical indicator that there is something wrong and we need to make an adjustment.

      I think it’s time to rehabilitate Catholic guilt. I guess we’re about the only ones in Christianity who maintain the concept any more. When we feel guilty, we can either rationalize until our guilt goes away, or we can change our behavior.

      I really don’t get why it’s cruel to make sure a woman knows the truth before she makes one of the most important decisions of her’s (not to mention her child’s) life.