Pope’s Childhood Letter to Baby Jesus Shows Faith at an Early Age

Georg (L) and Joseph Ratzinger during their first Mass processional in Traunstein, Germany in 1951. Photo courtesy of Ignatius Press.

Marktl am Inn, Germany, Dec 21, 2012 / 04:16 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A Christmas letter that Pope Benedict XVI wrote to Baby Jesus when he was seven years-old demonstrates his devotion to the Sacred Heart and his desire to be a priest.

The letter is on display this Advent in the village of Marktl am Inn in Bavaria, where he was born.

“Dear Baby Jesus, quickly come down to earth. You will bring joy to children. Also bring me joy,” he wrote in the 1934 letter, published on the Church-affiliated Italian website Korazym.org.

“I would like a Volks-Schott (a Mass prayers book), green clothing for Mass (clerical clothing) and a heart of Jesus. I will always be good. Greetings from Joseph Ratzinger,” he wrote in German cursive hard writing called Sütterlinschrift.

The letter, found during the renovation of a house that Joseph Ratzinger’s occupied when he was a professor in Regensburg, was published on Dec. 18. The message was discovered in the estate of his sister Mary, who kept the letter after the Pope’s house was converted into a small museum dedicated to him.

In Korazym’s view, the “letter was uncommon for a seven-year-old since he did not ask for toys or sweets, which were always in front of the Ratzinger family’s nativity for his three brothers.” (Read more here.)

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  • Bill S

    It would seem that Ratzinger was raised in such a way that would make it difficult for him to see the world as it really is instead of through the eyes of someone who has been brainwashed by the Catholic Church. He is in no way qualified to make impartial judgements on issues like birth control and gay marriage. The only way he knows is the Catholic way. He has no ability to see life through the eyes of a homosexual or a woman who doesn’t want any more children but whose husband still wants to have sexual relations with her.

    He is basically clueless in these and other real world issues. He’s an expert in Church teaching but in nothing of worldly value.

    • JoFro

      Perfect! We have enough people in this world who only see everything through the prism of worldy values, and not enough through Christian values. The Catholic Church is blessed to have someone like him.

    • Nicole

      It seems you attack the man rather than the idea. We are all human and approach the world from a particular perspective. No one, then, is qualified to make “impartial” judgments, it seems. There is no way we can divorce our reason from our life experiences. Likewise, then, everyone is “brainwashed” in some fashion. There is no neutral. Every organization has values which they would like to see adopted by others, which they lobby for, whether they are forthright about it or not. Christianity, and particularly the Catholic Church, is an easy target because it does not hide behind “impartiality” or claim to be “neutral” in the world. It claims to have something that everyone deserves to hear, and that is what the truth is, or I should say, Who the Truth is: Jesus Christ. He is the Eternal Word of God made Flesh, Emmanuel: God with us. He commanded that his followers not only go and make disciples of all nations, but also to “teach them to obey everything that I have commanded you” (Mt 28:20). Obedience is a hard thing for the world to accept. I pray that you will continue to inquire about whether the claims of the Church are true. God bless you now and always.

  • Bill S

    Thank you Nicole.