Pray the Seven Sorrows of Mary for America

Our Lady appeared in  Rwanda before the 1994 Genocide. 

The apparitions began in 1981 in a village named Kibeho and continued through 1989. Our Mother warned the people of Rwanda of the coming genocide and urged them to turn away from evil with repentance, prayer and fasting. She specifically urged them pray the Seven Sorrows of Mary.

This is a special prayer formulated around the seven major sorrows of Our Lady’s life. Our salvation is based at least in part in her willingness to suffer alongside her son. She gave Him to us in a very real way at the Wedding of Cana where she asked Him perform His first miracle. This action set Him on His ministry and the path that both He and His mother knew would lead to the cross.

“My hour is not yet come.” Jesus told her when she asked Him to help with the wine. “My hour” meaning the road to the cross. It was a wedding. He was probably happy. Having a great time. And His mother was asking him to leave all the joys of normal life and begin the long painful ministry that would lead to His torture and death. Then, as at Gethsemane, He did the human thing. He tried to postpone. “My hour has not yet come.”

But His mother ignored Him. “Do as He tells you.” she told the wine stewards. And Our Lord obeyed her. He did what His mother asked.

Think, for a moment, what courage it took for this mother to give her son to the ages. Think of the young Mary, taking her baby to the Temple for the first time. Her tiny baby boy. Imagine how proud and thrilled she must have been. Then Simeon tells her that “this child” will be the cause of much wrath and that He will be pierced by a sword that will pierce her soul, as well.

How hard that must have been, to have her joy dashed with this prophecy. But she needed to know. God answered Simeon’s prayer by allowing Him to see the Messiah before he died, and at the same time, used him to prophesy this terrible future to Mary.

She knew what she was doing when she asked Jesus to perform that first miracle at Canna. She also knew exactly what He meant when He said, “What does this have to do with us? My hour has not come.” She was woman, all women, the new Eve, undoing the harm of the old Eve by not failing this terrible test. “Do as He tells you,” was a prophetic instruction to the stewards and an instruction to us as well as them. “Do as He tells you,” she told the stewards, and her words echo down the centuries to us today. “Do as He tells you,” she says to us.

It was also a commissioning. She didn’t argue with Jesus. She just turned to the stewards and told them to do as Jesus told them. Our Lord responded by doing what His mother wanted. He began his ministry at that moment. She gave Him to us by this act, set Him on the path of ministry that led to our salvation.

This is the how the Seven Sorrows of Mary are the story of our salvation, bought with blood, suffering and sacrifice. Jesus turned His back on the human temptations to use His power for worldly glories during his forty days in the desert. His mother sent Him forward into His ministry at the Wedding at Cana. And He, by His actions there, sanctified marriage and made it a sacrament of love.

These Seven Sorrows are what Our Lady instructed the people of Rwanda to pray when she appeared to them at Kibeho from 1981 to 1989. She warned them, specifically, of the carnage and bloodshed to come if they didn’t pray, fast and repent.

God was there, even in this harbinger of hell that was the Rwandan genocide. He sent His mother to warn the people of Rwanda and to give them a way out.

I believe the message of Our Lady of Kibeho is a good one for Americans today. We stand in the shadow of six months of senseless slaughter by sad individuals acting in service to the devil. We will talk later about mental health services and legal reforms. But anyone who thinks the devil hasn’t had his hand in this is simply not seeing the obvious.

I am going to pray the Seven Sorrows of Mary for the families who’ve lost children to these murders this past six months, beginning with the parents and families in Connecticut. I am also going to pray for America. 

We all need to repent our support of violence, whether it’s in video games, movies or music. We need to repent our hate-filled invective against other people who simply disagree with us. We need to repent the violence and the murder in our hearts when we allow the culture wars to push us to hate. We need to repent the broken marriages and shattered families, the tantrums and curses and cruelties we commit and tolerate.

Without conversion, America will commit suicide. It is in the process of doing that now. We are Christians. We have the only solution, the only salvation there is. We need to live it daily and hourly. Only after we cleanse ourselves can we hope to share this great Hope with others.

You can find directions for praying the Seven Sorrows of Mary here, if you would like to join me.


  • Marisa

    Beautiful, Rebecca!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you, Marisa. Satan’s Playground is an excellent post, btw.

  • SteveP

    Thank you.

  • Dave

    Awesome, my wife and I pray this Rosary on Tuesdays and Fridays.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I just learned about it by reading Imaculee’s book. I’m not surprised that you pray it, Dave.

  • Peg

    This is a wonderful idea Rebecca and thanks for sharing the link. A relative had just given me the sorrows rosary and instruction. My mom saw it and liked it so I gave it to her. She has Alzheimers and this will probably be the last Christmas she will know her family.

    So since I live a few hours away I wanted to find the rosary prayer so I van get started . Your link was a big help–thank you God.

    I never knew our lady appeared in Rwanda until recently and was very moved by Immaculata, s words of love and forgiveness.

    I will join in prayer with this for all the victims and heros. I have never forgotten What happened in your city as I was carrying my first child at the time. I will include the Oklahoma City families in my prayers too. Thanks

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Thank you Peg. I’m glad it helped. I will pray for you and your mother. My mother doesn’t have Alzheimers, but she is fading into dementia. She’s my baby to care for now, the way I once was hers.

  • Peg

    Oh thank you– Imaculee- it was bugging me that I got her name wrong. Haven’t yet the book but have seen interviews and a clip from the new film. In it she speaks with the killer of her family– a man they took in when he was young. You can see Imaculee bathed in light of Christ’s love but he is still in despair as he can’ t yet forgive himself nor receive Christ’s forgiveness. They say they are all Rwandans now — not Hutus or Tutsis.

    Yes it’s so good to give back to our moms as they once gave to us. It’s a long road with memory loss. Thanks for the prayers!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I’ve read three of her books. I believe she is another one of those witnesses God raises up to show us the light in times of darkness.

  • DoctorD

    Read for a reminder of the complicity of “Mother Church” in the Rwanda genocide.

    Shame on you.

  • Peg

    Who are you shaming?

    This post and comments are about Our Holy Mother’s warning and remedy and one faith filled woman’s willful choice to love and forgive in the midst of unspeakable evil.

    If the church has cullability here is should be acknowledged and atoned. We do have our share of wolves in shepherd’s clothing and they should never be tolerated. The devil has come in at times through the front door in his relentless attcks against Christ’s church.

    Truth is our church is both holy and made up of sinners. She is holy because Christ dwells within and made up of sinners because we are there. He has promised and it will be so that “the gates of he’ll will not prevail”. Many of us choose not to leave Christ nor his vicar Peter because of Judas. That requires a lot of prayer, sacrifice, discernment and fact checking for the enemies are many.

    We are just praying and working for peace whenever and wherever we can.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      This is an excellent reply Peg. Thank you.

  • Daniel

    We have to figure out a way to get this to a national level. Perhaps contacting the US Council of Catholic Bishops? I have often thought of something like this to counter the direction this country is going in terms of the economy and our position in the world. It seems the country is being given away to our enemies willingly.